Athens: Claim for solidarity attack against german company

Würth official with German Army officers


In the early hours of 16th of june we burned a car from the german company Würth in Zografou, Kolokotroni str. This attack is dedicated to the fighting squat Rigaer94 in Berlin and to the social revolution in North Syria (west Kurdistan).



Koukaki (Athens) - Attack, Demonstration and Police violence on AirBnB issue

Rough translation from (attack against gentrification company in Koukaki), yesterday demonstration from neighborhood assembly attacked by MAT.

"ACTION AGAINST CLOUDKEYS: airBnB + video management and marketing company (Koukaki)

Cloudkeys is a short-term lease and real estate rental company based in Faliro, Koukaki. It educates the entrepreneurs about the conversion of dwellings to tourist accommodation, how they can look quite "hospitable" to their clients and how to make the right advertising. It takes over entirely the management of tourist accommodation and links them to the wider tourist consumerism (see Guided tours, festivals, shops) and the general exploitation of the metropolis for the tourist industry and their private profits. If the owner has a lot of accommodation, he is an investor, the company provides him with a workforce to serve the needs of his tourist business. Workers who clean up the "homes" of tourists will be busy paying and working in wretched working conditions. Such companies play a catalytic role in the diffusion of the short-term lease phenomenon. They upgrading private management in a unified and developed entrepreneurial process where it connects all individual tourism businesses to achieve the maximum growth of the phenomenon, the maximum profit and thus the maximum degradation of the social at the altar of the economy. This organizes the "community" of AirBnB.

Inside the fascist core of the greek state: A conversation with the 8 of Petrou Ralli

Following is a series of testimonies from several different voices with common experiences. It is the result of conversations between eight ex-detained migrants from Algeria – known from the case of the “8 of Petrou Ralli” – with female comrades from the Community of Kukaki’s Squats. The purpose of the text is to give visibility to the reality that the migrants imprisoned in the centres for administrative detention and camps face every day. Those who delivered these testimonies, do no want to serve the spectacle through which many westerners, in greece and elsewhere, consume the migrant’s situation. It is not written from the position of a journalist or an academic researcher. On the contrary, we fought to take these people out of the prison, we live together, in a community struggling against the same threat. It is the outcome of their political will and trust, products of a long term communication that was created by the Coordination of Collectives and Individuals Against the Detention Centres (SSAEKΚ) since the moment they were in greek prisons until today that are hosted in the structures of the movement. Political will to share their experiences and uncover fascism for the next. Trust in the ability of the movement to break the system that invisiblises them. These testimonies enable us to perceive better the structures we fight against, fascist structures of confinement that operate as businesses. In order to understand what it means to encage people, all the horror had to be laid bare. The horror of the greek, white supremacy and its concrete reality, that humans live in their flesh and through their existence.

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