CODE ROOD calls for mass civil disobedience in port of Amsterdam

Code Rood [Code Red] is calling for a mass disobedience action to protect our collective future. On the 24th of June, the second anniversary of the historic victory against the Dutch government in the Urgenda Climate Case, we will draw a red line against climate change in the port of Amsterdam, the largest gasoline harbour in the world and 2nd largest coal harbour in Europe (after Rotterdam).

Koole Maritime BV demolishing the nature on the ADM terrain without permits, 3rd time

Koole Maritime BV did come three times to the ADM terrain ( culotural free haven in Amsterdam, currently under threat of eviction after 18 years) and started destroying the nature without the proper permits.

Cultural Freehaven ADM Amsterdam threatened with eviction- owners destroying nature today by starting roadbuilding

ADM is a cultural free place in the harbour of Amsterdam. This huge community is currently seriously threatened with eviction by the owners of the terrain, who claim they have signed a rental agreement with the business Koole Maritime, which starts out on October 1st. 2015
Three (!) separate legal procedures have been started against the inhabitants and users of the ADM in the past months.

Today, Kole Maritime started for the second time a road building action in front of the terrain. Before they could be stopped, as they didn't have enough legal evidence to carry on their action, they unfortunately destroyed a lot of nature, that has been growing wild for many years.

This acrticle includes a protocol of the action by one of the inhabitants of ADM, as more info about the ADM and situation.

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