Harmanli 21

Freedom 4 the Harmanli21! Color Attack of Bulgarian Embassy/Vienna

Yesterday, on the 11th of September, the Bulgarian Embassy in Vienna was marked by people with the message, `Freedom for Harmanli 21`. On the same day the court case against 21 people continued in the city of Harmanli, Bulgaria. The 21 migrants are accused of participating in a riot in a detention camp for migrants in Harmanli in November 2016. For us it is not important if they were really part of the riot or not. We are in solidarity with them because they are used in order to stage another example of criminalization of migrants resistance. Two weeks after the riot, the police went into the camp and attacked the people living there. One boy was seriously injured and had to be hospitalized. In this police operation they arrested 10 of the accused of the Harmanli 21. Very little is known by people in solidarity about their situation and state of mind. They are now imprisoned for almost 2 years and are still awaiting their court decision. The other eleven of them remain missing and will hopefully never be caught!

Harmanli 21 abonnieren