Berlin - Dessau

Call zur Demo am 7.1 in Dessau - Oury Jalloh das war Mord!

**German below**

On the 7th of January 2005, Oury Jalloh, chained by his hands and feet, was set on fire inside cell 5 of the police station of Dessau. 17 years later we are still sure this was a police murder!

Oury Jalloh is not an isolated case, but a brutal consequence of the deeply enrooted racism in German Society, that finds fertile ground in the imprisonment system. Silence and forgetting are weapons of the state to protect its loyal servants. A racist state like Germany cannot exist without a murderous police force. The hermetism that all police and repression insitutions have managed to create, the extraordinary effort of the state not only to keep Oury Jalloh's murder unclarified, but to remain consecuently silent, are mechanisms that assist the continious assasination of people of color by the repressive german state apparatus. A racist murder is not a horrifying exeption in an otherwise well functioning system, but a very clear expression of what normality means under democracy.

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