Hambacher Forest

Shit barricade - Hambi-Newspaper on the road! *german subbed


There are even two editions of the shit barricade existing. Shit barricade a newspaper established from a group within the Hambacher Forest Occupation, telling stories from everydaylife in the trees and on the ground being in fight for nature and a self-determined future.

Es gibt beeits schon zwei Ausgaben der shit barricade. Shit barricade eine Zeitung die von einer Gruppe innerhalb der Hambacher Forst Besetzung gegründet wurde, Geschichten vom Alltagsleben in den Bäumen und auf dem Boden und dem Kampf für Natur und eine selbstbestimmte Zukunft erzählt.


Some are in prison some think they are not

Solidarity means attack, love and rage. Still 4 activists of the Hamacher Forst Movement are in prison. Wednesday morning the 7th of february, a group of activists sabotated a digger and burned some toilet houses directly within the security fences of RWE and shooted rockets to the arriving securities afterwards. Securities supported the last barricade eviction approximately 3 weeks ago. They are controlling the big areq around the pit with Pick up. They have pepper gas and telescope sticks, surveilance camerqs and dogs.

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