Some are in prison some think they are not


Solidarity means attack, love and rage. Still 4 activists of the Hamacher Forst Movement are in prison. Wednesday morning the 7th of february, a group of activists sabotated a digger and burned some toilet houses directly within the security fences of RWE and shooted rockets to the arriving securities afterwards. Securities supported the last barricade eviction approximately 3 weeks ago. They are controlling the big areq around the pit with Pick up. They have pepper gas and telescope sticks, surveilance camerqs and dogs.

Structural violence which is the basic for physical and psychological violence. So it is no surprise that securities surrounded a car of the occupation and hurt activists until police arrived. And there weren't any plenaries referring to this violence like there were about the attack against a contact cup a few weeks earlier. That's an embarrassing fact especially regarding the fact that the occupation understand itselves as a place for liberation. Liberation with security structure in the neighbourhood isn't possible. And only wiith the tactic of civil disobedience while unjustifying militance and obeying to the media logic it isn't possible at all to get rid off the security.

The sabotage action in the heart of the security structure was only possible because we broke out of our everyday life prison. Not completely. Not for a long time. But it is a start. First steps on a long way to get away from self-restriction and middle-class behaviour.

Four people of the Hambacher Forest Movement are still in the physical prison, much more all together. And we who are "outside" have the prison in our minds. We are afraid of the prison buildings so we keep on with our everyday life. Also us as activists. Even while doing sabotage actions we keep thinking of consequences. Expected punishments from the state, where the state should be the structure who should have fear of consequences.

And they have fear,, all who just "do their job",the desk criminals, the burocrats, all authorities. They are preparing to fight riots. Now it's our turn. Preparing riots, with the experience of G20 and so becoming a bigger threat to the state.

Write to prisoners!

Destroy your everyday life prison!


Unbekannte Person Aachen Nr. 1/2/3/11

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