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Activists relocate Denmark-Germany border fence


26.02.2020: Tonight, we removed 22meters of the fence along the Denmark-Germany border near the village Ellhöft (Ellehoved), the nature reserve “Schwans- und Kranichmoor” and the region Töndern (Tønder). We placed some dismantled elements of the fence in Flensburg (Flensborg), Süderlügum (Sønder Løgum), Ellhöft (Ellehoved) and Kiel. Attached to it are information about the wild boar fence, its nationalist and racist symbolic character and the problems caused by pig farming. We bring forward why a world without borders would be a better world and show photos of other borders. People passing by can also read which animal species are particularly affected by the ecological consequences of the barrier. We invite all people to make up your own mind of the action.



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