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FCKNZS - Kein Sex mit Nazis!

Warum ist "FCKCPS" oder "FCKNZS" ein Sticker oder ein Tag, den wir abknibbeln oder übermalen? Fight Rape Culture!

Dieser Text wurde bereits im Kalender des letzten Jahres von Menschen des Waldes veröffentlicht. Da dieses Thema jedoch einfach immer noch sehr präsent ist, hier nochmal der Text.

Hambacher Forest Prisoners and Young Refugees subject to sexual humiliation

The level of xenophobia and nationalism of Rhineland and National State prison and "justice" authorities is becoming more apparent with only non german speaking Hambi activists being subjected to strict mail and visit stops and now also exposed to sexual harassment and shaming with pseudo-scientific 'Age Test' that force younger anonymous activists and younger refugees to stripp and then have photos of their sexual areas taken for "evidence". Method not used by any other European countries who used equally non-reliable x-ray bone development phots.

Join us to resist this sexual and linguistic repression and isolation this Sunday 27.5. at 1900 in front of JVA Cologne, Ossendorf

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