Claim for vandalizing a LIDL supermarket in Athens



Responding to the call of Terra Incognita to turn October into a month dedicated to solidarity and standing up for Terra Incognita, but also for every other occcupied ground threatened by reppresion.and the call of Liebig34/Berlin for an action week in September, we damaged on 15/09/2020 the windows of a LIDL in the area of Faliro. Strong windows, expensive windows. Only peanuts on their balance sheet until this kind of actions gets used more frequently.




In timeframes of action calls, our actions will be easy to reproduce and leave the frame of time and space. They protect the center? - we attack in suburbs and enjoy the melody of screaming alarm systems in the deceptive silence while human maschines rest for another day of restless consumption.


Reasons to attack supermarkets were allready mentioned in another action against the same company but also other interventions. Pigs may take the squats but our destruction will become visible in the face of the boring city, turning them into graveyards of burned cars, shattered shop windows and aggressive graffities against steril neigborhoods. This is how we interpret the calls of occupied, threatened or evicted spaces. And this is our way to support every resisting collective which calls for attack.


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