“To our Compas in Buenos Aires“ #3 - about the G20 in Hamburg Now published as book in the 3 bilingual versions


244 pages (A5) with over 200 colored illustrations and many links (with QR-Codes) leading to videos and documents.

Price: 13,40 € including some money for antirepression costs in Buenos Aires. There are special conditions for bookshops (ask directly info@black-mosquito.org )


Deutsch / English


 Français / English


 Castellano / English



All versions are also free available as e-books



We also recommend urgently to visit the website of the protest alliance in Buenos Aires and think about solidarity actions during the summit (30.11., 1.12.) https://noalg20.org/

The international call for action has been translated into several languages: https://mejorsintlc.org/decimos-no-a-la-cumbre-del-g-20-en-argentina/


The final phrase in our book: We should never forget that it is not only the other side that is capable of unleashing unforeseen forces. We too can expand our strength in a momentum that we did not previously consider possible.


Take care Compas


Some of the about 200 pictures inside of the book… see above


And here are five links which you could find as well in the book… two from Hamburg, three from origin Buenos Aires

1)      Blockade Finger in Hamburg 7.7.17  https://youtu.be/JV_sdm1__Ng

2)      Riot of the Friday night, Hamburg 7.7.17  https://youtu.be/JuxIfdsz0oc

3)      Demo of about 700.000 at the international women strike day in Buenos Aires, 3.3.18  https://youtu.be/KG0dNfs2BHU

4)      Riot in Buenos Aires during a decisive debate about a neoliberal change of the Pensions law in front of the parliament, 17.12.17  https://youtu.be/cygjSXrp_g4

5)      The most closed neighborhood of the next G20 summit will be “Villa 31” with about 40.000 residents (a lot of them are migrants from other parts of Latin America)  https://vimeo.com/121252326


Last comment:

The Argentinian and international repressive system prepares a very heavy mission in Buenos Aires to protect the G20 and to repress the opposition against it, which probably will eclipse, what has happened in Hamburg last year. This should not be exclusively the problem of the people and our comrades in Buenos Aires.

Some pictures…

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