Dear friends across Germany, 80 years after the Third Reich, people are making the Nazi salute and mobs are chasing people through our streets again. We simply can’t accept that. Sign this viral open letter with just one click -- once we hit 200,000 signatures, Avaaz will print it in Chemnitz’s biggest paper, then take it national: SIGN: (Click the headline for the complete text.)

To the far right and the nazis, to all “identitarians” and “concerned citizens” -- and to everyone who approves of what happened this week in Chemnitz:

This is not your country. These are not your streets.

This isn’t a place to make the nazi salute, and it definitely isn’t a place to chase people because of their looks or their origin.

We have been too quiet for too long, watching you stir up hate. Enough is enough.

You can yell “We are the people” as loud as you want -- but you are not. You do not represent Germany, you do not represent Saxony, you do not represent Chemnitz.

Germany is all of us. We have different skin colours, different religions, we have roots all across the world and we speak all kinds of languages.

From today, the “silent majority” won’t keep silent anymore.

With determination

René, Christoph, Antonia, Rosa and the entire Avaaz team


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