Message to XB-Liebig from Multiversal


We are Multiversal, an itinerant collective of musicians, performers and artists from all over the world (literally) who are living up to the ideals of D.I.Y., self organization, independency (from the capitalist death machine, or in our case, music business) and most of us are full time engaged in music, from organization to production, to execution. We see the music we do which is not commercial and not available for monetary exploitation, as a form of strong stand against the system, as a form of struggle. We do not limit ourselves with genres, as musicians and artists who are involved are active in many different genres and styles, which would take most of the space of this statement if we were to list them here. In this statement we are also not getting into the variety of our ethnical, racial and identity/gender backgrounds, which are numerous and which are also related to what our chosen lives as political actions mean. We do organize ourselves 4-5 months in Berlin and the rest of the year all around the Europe (co - working with independent artistic and political activism collectives like Radio Blackout, Radio Student, TPA, Virgule and many others) and beyond (so far Turkey, Japan, South Africa and Mexico together with like minded collectives, such as Edge of Wrong, OOO, CYBORGGRRRLS to name a few), mostly but not limited to, in autonomous and self organized spaces which have strong ties with squatting, resistance and struggle.

XB-Liebig is one of the very few small/mid sized rooms in Berlin, where any sort of loud music can be played and performed in the middle of the city which is really uncommon nowadays in anywhere in the world due to the neighbor problems, if not because of being connected to a very limited scene - punk/hc only, techno/electronica only etc - for free and it is open to any sort of experimental, folk, noise, jazz, weird and unclassifiable musics and sounds. For this only, in our opinion, the XB-Liebig collective since we have started collaborating with them, has been very coherent with their politics; anti-sexism, anti-racism, anti-fascism, anti-capitalism, anti-discriminatory and so on.

Since 2014 we have been organizing single events once in a while at XB, and we were always happy being hosted by XB-Liebig collective (which as any other collective, is ever-changing with some people leaving and some others joining over the course of time). Since February 2017, we have been organizing all of our Berlin events at XB-Liebig. In solidarity with what XB room is for, we have brought our soundsystem to XB which is available to be used by any organizer, group, band, musician who/which is passing by the XB-Liebig. That is why we have build a new dj booth, that is not connected to the floor so people can dance (or move only if it isn't a dance event) without causing needles to jump. These are small actions, but important and constructive as someone putting a buzzer that flicks the light at the bar so whoever is in charge of the event can know there is someone who is willing to come to the concert as the gate is closed so XB can keep a low profile, when there is a public event in respect of the people living in Liebig34. XB-Liebig is one of the few remaining free rooms in Berlin which hosts hundreds of artists and musicians from all over the world who are all self organized, who have strong DIY ethics, who are in line with the politics of the whole history of squatting, struggling and taking a stand against oppression and its current collective, in our opinion, has been very  supportive of our community which is consisting well over 500 artists, musicians, bands and performers.Multiversal came to XB, as XB-Liebig has proven itself as a welcoming, inclusive independent space as Multiversal tries to be; we do not exclude any sort of artistic expression unless it is discriminatory, racist, -phobic, mysagonist, sexist, nationalist, oppressive, exclusive...

We would like to thank the current XB-Liebig collective for being open to communication and organization with numerous international musicians, both touring and Berlin based. The reason why we felt the need to make such statement is because as Multiversal we see the difficulty of non-German speaking self-organizing and politically aligned artists, bands and musicians finding the communication channels with squatted, ex squatted and/or politically active spaces in Berlin. XB-Liebig and its collective, especially in 2016 and 2017 has been very supportive of a scene that has been excluded from many spaces due its esthetics (genre defying, hard listening, not being related to a scene but its own etc). We'd like to point out that the work of XB-Liebig collective has been and still is extremely important and constructive for a more inclusive and rich in substance sub and anti culture scene which is directly connected to politics against oppression.

Multiversal is an itinerant collective, which supports all forms of struggle against oppression, discrimination and exclusion. We think XB-Liebig is a room which supports the same ideals, as well as its collective being coherent with what the room stands for.

Thank you.

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