Athens/Exarchia: Attack on MAT for Mauricio Morales


Shortly after midnight on Saturday 18/5, we carried out a coordinated attack on the MAT protecting the metro construction site in Exarchia square. We attacked them simultaneously from three different streets, Themistokleous, Solomou and Metaxas. The cops, once again, were running in panic trying to get away from the fires.

This action came amid a time when the sheet metal of the construction site is expanding, where the government is preparing the ground for new more repressive measures, both in the universities and more widely in the neighborhoods, taking advantage as usual of the summer season when the possibilities for organized and mass resistance are reduced. So this is our response to remind them that, as always, they will find us in front of them.

15 years after the death of Mauricio Morales we send a signal of fire and complicity from Greece to Chile, honoring the international cooperation that existed between these two lands not many years ago. Let the slogan “spark in Santiago, fire in Athens” become a reality again.

Mauricio Morales present


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