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I just came back from an *amazing* disruptive action targeting the European Investment Bank for its ties to dirty fossil fuels - and I couldn't wait to share this energy with you! Together with dozens of climate activists taking part in the Disrupt Fossil Finance mass action training this weekend, we took our protest and demand for a Fossil Free EIB straight to the Bank's doorstep. They weren't expecting us - and they certainly didn't like being put on the spot!


Watch this 30s video from the action, and share it widely! Each share helps shine a spotlight on the EU's biggest bank's billion-euro deals with the fossil industry, and adds to the pressure for the Bank to stop loaning money to coal, oil and gas:

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The science is clear: we cannot afford to build any more fossil fuel-burning projects, if we are to have any chance of stopping the worst impacts of the climate crisis.


But the EIB continues to use public European money to finance the fossil industry! The €1.5 billion loan they granted to Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) last year is proof: while the Bank calls itself a “climate leader”, it still directly funds fossil gas projects which fuel the climate breakdown, and oppress local communities.


You’re angry at this hypocrisy? So act: share the video on social media, making sure to tag the EIB, and then watch this space for more actions to take in the coming days.


The Bank is in the process of reviewing their energy lending policy - putting them under public pressure has never been more important.




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