Athen: Besetzung auf dem Polytechnio Gelände + Video


Heute Morgen wurde das Averfof Gebäude, die Ikone eines gewissen Teils der griechischen Linken, auf dem Gelände des Polytechnio besetzt. Dazu wurde folgende Erklärung veröffentlicht:

Averof occupation + Video


The state mechanism, after the accession of Syriza/Anel to power in 2015, had to manage two basic political pivots. From the one side to defend the greek interests in the wider competition between the different states and from the other side manage the social contrasts in order to secure the cohesion inside the country. As far as the social cohesion is concerned, for the leftist management the method of dominating violence wasn't enough, so they developed further the mechanisms of disciplining, control and assimilation. With them, it secured a humanitarian facade. At the same time, the state mechanism continued the harsh confrontation against the social and political whole that didn't stop the conflictual and unbowed struggle.

Squats that practically defended self-organized resistance, the insurrection and the communities of struggle and existed despite strong financial and state interests were evicted or/and demolished. New "law-cases" occurred for individuals that were near conflicts or participated in them. They peaked with the custody of the 8 of Exarchia. In other cases, we saw jailing for 6 of December with the most extreme example being the conviction to 13 years of prison to a migrant from Algeria. Media together with the state construct narrations for a "criminal organization of rioters (bahalakides)" for the radical repression of the insurgents. They attempt to terrify them, to achieve their social marginalization, the imprisonment, the penal restriction and the financial exhaustion. From the other hand, the arrest of guerrillas, like in the case of the Revolutionary Struggle, the arrest of comrades that where in illegality or even comrades with accusations from the anti-terror law 187A like K. Yiagtzoglu shows the continuing of the frontal conflict of the state with the armed struggle and those who are accused of this. The Left government expands the legal armory against those who are involved or support the armed action and penally establishes the term "individual terrorist". The repression, though, wasn't enough to bend the violent resistance, since the attacks to state, capitalist and fascist targets with all means keep going on constantly.

Both the insurrection and its repression wasn't expressed only in relation to the anarchist movement and relevant social groups and subjects. As it was expected, under the left government we experienced migrant uprisings and resistance in the greek detention hellholes that were followed by violent repression and penal vengeance as in the cases of Petrou Rali and Moria. Whole areas were literally under military occupation from the anti-riot police, like Lefkimi in Corfu Island, where the state wants to impose the operation of a landfill. The moment of the individual insurrection of a 22-year-old from Korinthos stabbed and killed the guy that try to rape her is engraved in our memory. The state repressed the example of the violent resistance and convicted her to 15 years of prison time. Like this, the patriarchical violence is legally fortified.

Even though, a generalized social apathy is strongly felt, since, despite the numerous struggles that were developed, the solidarity and the participation were disproportionate. The institutionalized dialogue that the government offered to big parts of the struggling movement and the push for a democratic frame that made insurrectional violence to look "out of place", played a crucial role for this situation. Under this condition, the social democratic government has propagandized a separatist rhetoric between "serious anarchists" and "bahalakides". A rhetoric that some parts of the anarchist/antiauthoritarian movement have adopted, giving space to the state to de-construct the political importance of the constant conflict and practically to escalate the total crash of the insurrection. At the same time, these parts are trying to alter basic anti-institution characteristics of Anarchy, by guarding student elections and propagandizing the participation to authorities' fake dilemmas like the referendum of 2015 and even the eviction of the squatted Politechnio in 2017.

Beyond the anarchist-antiauthoritarian movement and the present leftist regime, the murder of Zak Kostopoulos/Zackie Oh, the mass social participation to the national-patriotic gatherings for the Macedonian, the intensified attacks of the small bosses, the violent competition between the repressed for the concentration of power, the everyday racism, the gender violence and the exploitation of the natural environment - non human animals, remind us that the domination and the practices of enforce do not derive only from the highest political and social layers. They are spread in the social body and their roots reach the insides of the a/a milieu, to each and every one of us.

State, the bourgeoisie, the social fear and conservatism and our own weaknesses and pathogenies, compose the mosaic of the counter-insurrection that mathematically leads to the annihilation of the constant conflict against the state and at the end to the total assimilation of us all to the democratic process and as a result to the liberal totalitarianism.

This process is not a greek peculiarity and is not separated from the present phase of capitalism. It is a complicated international situation that focuses mainly on the metropolises and is part of the capitalistic re-organization. The financial system needs new ways for growth, new businesses, new faces. So the old neighborhoods of the metropolises but also the "parasites" and the hostile residents, we are targeted by the institutions as obstacles for the gentrification of reality. The anarchists, the indiscipline workers and youth, the impoverished, jobless, queer and toxic individuals, the cultures, our communities and our violent struggles.

From Athens and the endless attempts of the municipality to fence, control and exploit every hill, park and square, every resisting neighborhood, every asylum for the humans without papers and the petty criminals, until Istanbul and the destruct of Gezi park for the creation of a mall, to the development of Berlin and the establishment of Google Campus to the historically struggling area of Kroitsberg, until the subjugation of the non white communities in the neighborhoods of USA, there is a historical line that crosses all the grounds and calls to an international violent resistance for our survival and for the perspective of the destruction of state and capital.

This is the basis on which we call comrades to act together in such way that out action will be able to define the events and move the insurrection against the state forward as a real fact and not as an exhibit in a museum for feeding the liberal democracy. To create a conflictual event inside a comradeship environment that can include all of us and all those that are under the fierce repression. Let everyone be ready to give their own content to our action through unity.

Our successful action in Politechnio will empower our relations and will communicate our priorities and will become a fertile soil to respond to the huge weight that comes with this year's 6 of december where we close 10 years from the murder of Alexis Grigoropulos from the cops korkoneas and saralioti.

Insurgents / Anarchists

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