Tortured activists in Penza


The accused in the case of the terrorist community in Penza told about the planted weapons and torture after detention, the "OVD-Info" project, which published an article about the arrested antifascists. This case is probably connected with the detention of antifascists in St. Petersburg, one of whom also talked about torture.

Now there are six defendants in the Penza case, some of them are antifascists. For the first time, the "OVD-Info" case was reported in the beginning of December in a connection of the persecution of the November action of supporters of the nationalist Vyacheslav Maltsev.

On 17 or 18 of October, Yegor Zorin was arrested in Penza. On October 19, an antifascist Ilya Shakursky and his friend Vasily Kuksov, and on October 27 - Dmitry Pchelintsev. In early November, Andrei Chernov was detained in Penza, and Amran Sagynbaev in St. Petersburg. The latter was then sent to Penza. Five people are in jail, and Zorin is under house arrest.

One of the defendants, a shooting instructor Dmitry Pchelintsev, who was familiar with Shakursky, told in December on a date with his wife that he was tortured every day after being detained: hung upside down, tortured with electric shock, bringing the discharge to different parts of the body. "I'm afraid that my heart can not stand, and I will not get out of here alive. This is hell, " Pchelintsev quoted by OVD-Info. In one of the letters from the prison to his wife Pchelintsev wrote that he was being shooted with "tranquilizers", he was given pills and this is "worse than death."

"Do not write to me, do not bring me anything, run away as far as possible, do not ask about me, it's all over for me," says the same letter.

During the search in his house a registered weapon was found - hunting carbines and two traumatic pistols, the FSB officers found two grenades under the back seat of his car. Pchelintsev made it clear that this evidence had been planted. The family of the accused first hired lawyer Alexei Agafonov, who only showed the client where to sign on the papers from the investigator. Later, Pchelintsev's relatives found out that he told the lawyer about the daily visits of FSB officers who took him to other cells for "interrogations," but the defender only called it "fantasies."

After the arrest Vasily Kuksov was brought home for a search; his wife Elena saw that his pants and jacket were torn and dirty with blood, his forehead and nose were broken. After the apartment was searched, FSB officers also examined Kuksov's car and found a pistol there. "Kuksov, who had been calm before, began to shout that the guns are planted," OVD-Info notes.

According to the investigation, the detainees were members of the terrorist group "5.11", which was preparing a revolutionary coup and overthrow of the government. The investigation reinforces its version by the fact that the detainees played together airsoft and thus allegedly were preparing for terror. In addition to the Penza group, other similar cells that were part of a single organization operated on the territory of Russia, investigators say.

"I used to play airsoft before. Just to rest. I also have a "drive" at home (a pneumatic firearm for strikesball - MZ). No permission needed for it. In the evenings I fired at the targets, "says Aleksandr Fedulov, the lawyer of Kuksov. - On the extension, I pushed the speech for 20 minutes, and not a word was included in the resolution. The investigator reads the petition: "They were engaged in illegal mastery of survival skills in the forest and the provision of first aid." Where do we describe the legality of these skills ?! And you see, the judge is sitting and nodding. "They were going to explode the offices of the United Russia, the post office ..." - nonsense. "

As "OVD-Info" states, confessions were given by all arrested, except Kuksov, who used the 51st article of the Constitution. Relatives of the defendants of the case told that "wildest" testimony was given by Zorin, a classmate of Shakursky, who was also placed in the pre-trial detention prison. Left activist Ilya Shakursky, detained with Kuksov, was initially suspected of organizing a terrorist group, but then the charge was re-qualified for participation.

Detentions of antifascists Viktor Filinkov and Igor Shishkin in St. Petersburg can be associated with the Penza case, said "OVD-Info." Investigative actions in St. Petersburg were sanctioned by the district court of Penza. In addition, according to the "Fontanka", in the materials submitted to the court when choosing the measure of restraint for Shishkin there was as well the interrogation report of Sagynbaev.

On January 23, the antifascist Filinkov disappeared in St. Petersburg. One day later it became clear that he was arrested by the St. Petersburg Dzerzhinsky Court on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist community (part 2 of Article 205.4 of the Criminal Code). On 26 January, members of the public monitoring commission visited him in the jail and Filinkov told them about tortures.

On the body of Filinkov, the observers saw a lot of burn marks from the electric shock, including in the chest area. The anti-fascist claims that FSB officers tortured him in a car. The confessionary statements were tortured out of Filinkov and then he was forced to memorize them by heart.

On January 27, the same court arrested the antifascist Igor Shishkin, who disappeared the day before. In court he was brought with bruises on his face, partially covered with a hood and a mask.

Ilya Kapustin, a witness in the case of antifascists detained in St. Petersburg, also told how he was tortured by FSB officers. "From time to time they poked me with a shocker. At one point, one of them said that they could throw me somewhere in the woods and break my legs - and I already began to anticipate this moment when it all would end, because they had tortured me for so long, that it was already quite unbearable, "he told the “Media Zone”.



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