Apell vergangene Diskurse zu aktualisieren

Wir versuchen mal einen Diskursimport nach Deutschland ,wir denken in einer Phase in der sich vieles neu konstituiert möhten Gruppen und Szenen Diskurse und Aufgaben hinter sich lassen ,damit lassen sie aber auch Gruppen von Leuten zurück ,die nicht ohne weiteres ,ohne zu leistende Arbeit im Sinne von theoretischer Erweiterung ,empirischer Beschäftigung und praktischer Vor -und Nachsorge ,die mit überforderten Freunde und Einzelpersonen oder alleine im Mainstream und seinen negativsten Angeboten hängenbleiben .Es geht nach wie vor und vor allem wieder um Vergewaltigung in freien und nichtkomerziellen politischen Szenen ,Clubs und Actions .Wir möchten niemandem die Laune verderben .Wir würden das lieber auf Indy Deutschland und NICHT auf indy linksunten diksutieren können ,da unten gehört das unserer Meinung nach auch wegen der Perspektiven der Opfer nicht hin .

Also ein versuchter Diskursimport .Wir haben extra auf indymedia world etwas gemesst ,damit die Rezeption einer Vergewaltigungsgeschichte nicht allzu glatt von stattaen geht .Wir sind nur Interessierte .Uns erreichen seit drei vier Jahren Gechichten vom linken Rand einer offenen  Gemeinde ,die Geschichten von Victimisierung ,Ausgrenzung ,Fehlbehandlung ,manchmal Psychiatriesierung der Betroffenen sind ,Diese Leute öfnen sich in Kneipen ,Häusern ,auf Camps.uns wird fast schlecht von den Geschichten ,den Stationen ,die diese Betroffenen sexualisierter Übergriffe durchlaufen haben ,manchmal parallel zu ihren Auftritten in politischeren Szenen .Betroffen sind neben der klassischen Aktivistin auch Vernügungsarbeierinnen und Unscheinbare . Wir excludieren bewußt den Kindesmißbrauch als das ,was nicht an  Szenegängern verbrochen wurde ,sondern an Kindern ,die später dort hingehen .Zwei der Betroffenen ,bald mehr als eine Hand voll,sind Männer ! Es geht also in zweieter Liie um eine Geschlechterdiskurs,auch der wäre nötig ,liegt aber quer zum Betroffenenprofil.Es geht mehr um die Viktimisierung und ads Zusamenleben mit den Betroffenen und das Hilfe suchen und finden . In zweieter Linie geht e sum den Umgang mit Tätern .Wir wünschen uns einen Diskurs zu beleben .Hier ein Text der es auf Indymedia.world wohl geschafft hat .Danke !

We a group of woman and spontaneous helpers with the possibility to buy  a phone after the other ! and not ,a more spontaneous structure who offered some persons our help and the means of an inner city alternative anarcho scene AND the contact to institutions of a professional anti violence work in  abig city ,the institutionalized feminism installed lots of helping organisations ,often the phones are occupied ,in january the "HOUSE" was full,found  a discussion in the houses and pub scene that had a stabile effect .
The Antifa and nearly all other subjects had worked ,but since a bordell opened and some of the boys then went there to get a massage only,they said,since four or three years the effects are growing smaller .First we thought
that the majority wanted to lowen the fence ...to lie their sex person and not the educated person ,the from-the -family -person the Antifa dealt with and spoke to.That was okay then,because they all do not LIKE rape.It was more about a rougher tone ,more to the truth that they do not wnat to be regulated by some moralists that find it fashion to obey some with mens arms acting three feminist woman who want to create the better Germans .But since three years there are RAPE VICTIMS again ,that talk about their trauma here ,that talk about been raped as Party Workers ,about rape in Berlin parks,about the Sugar Daddy who did it and the coming out accidently in the rooms of a german Court in ralation to theft ,about the Psychiatry they have been send to as activists of the Antirassism and Eccological Movement ,because the lay down on a street ,and iin the contexts of that stories their RAPE had been defined and treated as one element in a persons story that does not fit the actual norms of Health and Ability.As one amongst other weak points in a VICTIMS PERSONALITY or a  madwomans biografy ,and they all in our opinion are not so different from you (for example as a indymedia reader and writer and activist in the antiglobalisation movement !!)So this should be  a warning and a demand to actualize the rape discourse and helping structures in your living groups without a NEW CASE !Our actual question is ,WHAT DO with the Rapist ?

 Rape stories,in our social living space,this space is limited in a gentrificating process , differ because of the personality of the victim subjekt ,the situation in which he lives in ,the fashion and the local structure of sexes ,roles ,customs and gender habits .We chose Oles Story because it is unusual and their is more then one problem .First ,he is from a second city ,he cannot go home as easily as an Indian , and second a party worker ,so he is one of the WANTED ,the predestinated persons to be raped ,because the sexual desire is to the making man ,in his case the music making man ,he creates with his worlork the tone in fashion ,and in the western part of the city  that worked .In the East he is the new man,and he did not clearly know where he was ,he is not one of us ,not initiated in the exual order that differs from the order in the west ,their more equality is the principle and female needs is the it that makes the decioion .What is one part of the constitution of weakness ,and he fell into the role of the weak person after the effect of the swords theft and dissapearing of the sword grew smaller ,in that state he wasrecognized as the strong stranger ,the enemy who can easily have been watched by the community ,and some people here live in commune structures except the material,discourse and social politics are regulated in the mode of fashion and collective judges and attitudes ,so he fell into the role of the enemy after he showed that he does not know the location ,did not get so easily as he expected what he wanted (a place to stay),depended on the information of the men from the East and female sympathy,was closed in ,so he got the more "female " role,but as a Wessie who has a lot of of fashionable things as his Property and cannot save it properly,he was the wanted man .A more to the female character,he has longer hair ,who cannot protect all what he owes("brings "! is a hard joke that is understood without explaning here ) ,is a threatened .He who had been seperated from his girlfriends club ,more treated like the violent men in private vioence cases ,he was sent out of the discotheque ,the friendship circle decided against him , and a little of the quality of the persecuted and excluded he had ,because he could not get back to his friends and for that would not come back with a stronger clique of people who may fight FOR him ,AND he let know that he is fed up with WOMEN ,and that can easily be misunderstood when people not TALK about homosexuality ,because it is well known that the population is hostile to the homosexuals or "tolerant" ,that means you live not in ,but AS the social exclusion when you live it open and introduce yourself as the HOMO.But Ole came from a techno scene in the western part that does not make so much difference between love and love ,and under their is  a quite normal heterosexual structure of relationships in which you have friends of both sexes ,but in the East is not now,but many peoople are married and PARTY has been in the old days .What we want to say now it seems that Ole had been predestinated as a rape victim then ,and the theme came dangerously near to him when he started to sho the interest into the raped DJane Kö who lost her child in by an interviening  after and got pharmakas for first .The knowlage abou rape is small here .the occupation had been done only by the Antifa (AABO rape ),and most of the people know woman only in sexualized roles,because the social bse hee is  aParty scenerie ,Clubs ,Pubs ,where many people come to with a reduced concious who dream of love and fast sex more than they remember their realities .as such a place the place where he asked for help later is known .The place where he lived than was homo tolerant and heterosexual structure in couples 80 per cent ...when he fell into the female role after  been the thief and ender of a weapon story ,he was in danger to be totally defeated .This is germany ,that had been totally defeated ,and that is where most of the people who FIGHT and think and act in the terms of FIGHTING (that is the political scene around the ANTI-Politics ,too,we can tell you )get their NORMS from ,and a weak enemy has to be totally defeated ,is what every child knows,and that is what they do to the raped in the militant and fighting scenes .So they are not the most helpful social places to talk about rape or help the ore to the victim persons.VICTIM and VIOLENT are not two clear separate categories now but sometimes are ,and what the communities fera most is the independence and revenge ,so the growing strong of yesterdays VICTIMS .It is hard ,but the scene where IT happened and that did not chose FOR YOU as a Victim will not let you grow strong the 100 percent ,even not if this hd been you before ,but do sabotages to your way of dealing with or healing and let you live in a ROLE of  aVICTIM they created ,as the totally defeated .That is one reason for the VICTIMIZE some of you do,have expensive wishes ,let the other work for you ,as if you would be the ILL person ,but we expect you were and OLE was more the ANGRY person ...

Wir würden uns freuen wenn der Text auf Indymedia Deutschland bleibt ,kennen euere Moderationskriterien nicht und würden uns auch über Hinweis efreuen ,wo so eine Diskussion zu führen ist und ob es Gruppen gibt die beschäftigt waren ,vbleiben oder ads wollen .Die Unterdrückung der Thematisierung macht Probleme beim praktischen Umgang .Von Slutwalkansätzen ,die mysteriöser weise und für ns unverständlich wieder in der Versenkung der Netzwelt landen ,eine eigene Seite fanden wir gut ,bis hin zur Selbstdefinitionsrechtsdebatte und der Antifadiskussion könen Neubetroffene eigentlich alles gebrauchen .Snst müssen Betroffene mit den Einrichtungen des Systemfeminismus leben .Auch ob das gut ist müßte besprohen werden .Ein kritisches Moment bleiebt auf Indymedia der Gewaltdiskurs ,und man könnte sich so eineigen ,das Gewalt im Zusammenhang mit Sex zu verwerfen ist .Normsetzungsdiskurse auch anch JUdith Butler und neuere Opferentschädigungsdiskusrse aus Österreich ! finden wir gut .wir möhten wissen ob Indymedia -Deutschland fr uns ein Forum sein möchte oder wo wir sonst über Sexuelle Gewalt diskutieren können .Aufgrund der Vorläufigkeit des Umgangs in politischen Szenen bleibt unsere Textarbeit fragmentarisch und ist eben nicht zureichend ,das Thema bleibt für uns unerträglich !!!

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