30.04/ 1.05. - [B] No time to wait for day X: solidarity with all threatened projects!

For nearly a year and a half several places of the radical movement have been at risk of eviction. The eviction of the bar collective Syndikat was scheduled for the 17th April 2020 but postponed because of corona. The eviction verdict against Liebig34 will also not be announced on the 30th of April. It is postponed to the 3rd June 2020. But displacement and repression have not stopped.

Since the state institutions do not stop displacement and repression, we will not pause our resistance against it. The cops will plan the eviction of Syndikat as soon as possible after corona. We expect the courts to announce eviction verdicts for Liebig34 on 3rd of June and for Jugendclub Potse on 10th of June. We expect that the cops are already planning their evictions for this autumn. No matter what the system and its institutions dictate, we will always fight them!

It has been clear from the start that the defense of the threatened projects and the struggle against gentrification will take place not in the court but on the streets. We will not wait for the day of the verdict, and we will surely not wait for day X (the day of eviction) to show our solidarity with each other. We support the call by Liebig34 to gather on the evening of 30th April at Dorfplatz in solidarity with the anarcha-queer-feminist house and the call by the R1MB to come to Kreuzberg36 on 1st May.


Against all evictions!

One struggle, one fight!

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