Wiederbesetzung, Verteidigung, Räumung - Matrozou45 Squat/Athen (+Polizei Video)


Das Squat Matrozou45 in Koukaki / Athen wurde am 18. Dezember 2019 zum zweiten Mal geräumt und am 11. Januar zum zweiten Mal wiederbesetzt. Kurz darauf folgte die erneute Räumung. Die Räumung im Dezember hatte für Aufsehen gesorgt, weil die Besetzer*innen entkommen konnten, während Menschen in angrenzenten Häusern von Bullen überfallen und vor laufenden Kameras zur Vergeltung und Abschreckung mißhandelt wurden. Die Entwicklungen in Athen sind in diesem Fall außergewöhnlich, weil das militante Verteidigen von Squats kaum vorkommt und schon gar nicht bei der absehbaren Verhaftung der Besetzer*innen. Es folgen zwei Texte aus Athen und ein Video der griechischen Polizei.

Video: Verteidigung Matrozou45 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAa2wmMPZ1o (Achtung, direkt Link zum Youtube der griechischen Pigs, besser mit Tor anklicken!)


We are tearing down walls for freedom

The recapture of Matrozou 45 and Panetoliou 21 is an act against the fear imposed by state repression. It is a signal of resistance and a rallying cry for escalation. Let us not leave our neighborhoods and nature in the heat of development plunder. Do not accept the displacement of our lives. Keep the parks, squares and hills free. Let us oppose the mercenaries of the state. Let us intensify the struggles against the exploitation of labor. Let us completely take up the struggle for survival and freedom. The struggle is neither legal nor illegal.

Together with dozens of anarchist / antisocial companions, we are taking back the community’s homes in order to meet housing needs that would not have been possible without this occupation, to re-open solidarity structures and re-establish free-living relationships without hierarchy, reopen homes in the neighborhood and in the movement with events, celebrations and organization.

We occupy buildings and connect illegal electricity and water. We are working to make them sustainable and we are taking on the cost of repression. It is a conscious choice to blackmail with rent and bills. Meeting the basic needs must be a given to all people and not a tool in the hands of the bosses to give us the dilemma of submission or misery.

Housing seizures are a logical response to the irrationality of a financial system that forcefully keeps people in huts, roads and concentration camps at the same time as there are thousands of vacant buildings. In a suffocating metropolis drowned in cement and drinking places, occupations are places of socialization without institutional and financial control, places where people can redefine their relationships on the basis of solidarity and respect, outside the dominant standards.

And for those who are complaining about the unpaid occupation accounts, it would be good to dig a little deeper into all that has been stolen by state and international economic policies, all those unpaid party accounts, factories and, of course, the millions in euros. In a forest-burning state with the collapse of the health system and bleeding education system, the state chooses to hire 1,500 cops with extra money for equipment. Because all they care about is protecting their friends and their friends’ investments from an uprising.

On the other hand, the Greek police and media, the urban propaganda system, are on the verge of collapse after the last operation in Koukaki. They still do not want to admit that high-profile journalists and politicians and the anti-terrorism unit itself condemned without any evidence an “innocent Greek family.” Because this will undermine social trust in the foundations of the urban system and give us space to say once again that THIS IS NOT ABOUT AN INDIVIDUAL CASE. They prepare and construct the next culprits… All this is done to instill fear and terror into people’s minds about squatters and anarchist / antisocial sites.

The squatters are attacked by the entire state apparatus and not only by the “right government.” The disagreement between SYRIZA and ND is about what is the most effective way to suppress the movement. Police democracy throughout the area with the involvement of anti-terrorism also existed under SYRIZA with thirty examples. One example of extreme repression was when they sent two MAT squads to Philopappou Hill to prevent tree planting. Whether left or right, such an unjust and contradictory system cannot survive without repression, and repression is something that will always exist and we will have to go through it to get what we need.

The occupation of all the necessary resources, productive forces, spaces, and ultimately our own lives, is the one-way street for the struggles of the oppressed and exploited, and our small occupations foreshadow this happy future.

Occupation Community of Koukaki




Short update, some comments and a call for an assembly.

After the events in Koukaki and the cops’ attacks on Sunday in Evelpidon, all of the arrestees were brought back to court today 13/1. Although their trials had been set for 11. 00 am (for the arrestees of 12/1) and 1:00 pm (for the arrestees of 11/1) there was a wait until roughly 7:30 in the evening in an outrageous attempt to exhaust the accused, their lawyers, and the about 150 solidarians who remained tirelessly outside the building until about 9 pm. It goes without saying that the MAT guards never stopped provoking the comrades throughout it all. The charges, despite the prosecutors’ insistence on the contrary, are all small and include disobedience, resisting authority and serious bodily harm. The arrestees finally had their trials postponed for January 22, 23, and 24, and were all released. The solidarians—who had been shouting slogans this entire time—welcomed them with celebration and cries of joy.

In this atmosphere, and parallel to the court cases, we were not surprised by the unprecedented slander of our comrades, the media war that targeted them, and the plain lies about the events that were thrown around by the gutter press of the left and right wing, taken straight from GADA headquarters. The usual recipe was complete on the channels with the stereotypical statements of some “frustrated residents” of Koukaki, the lament of syndicalist cops about the “anarchists’ murderous desires” and their destroyed equipment, and plenty of the famous terror–hysteria sauce—aimed clearly at convincing that the charges need to be “upgraded” to felonies.

However, it’s hard to reverse the atmosphere in favour of the cops, the state and its spies, or to whitewash their humiliation. The image of dozens of OPKE (forming a “turtle” in Roman legion style) trying to evade the righteous “fire” of our comrades (which were cooking pots, books, guitars, flowerpots and anything they had handy) will be hard to erase from the memory of whoever had the pleasure to watch the corresponding videos.

The image of a handful of free people thrashing an entire army of fully armed, machist, hired state murderers can only serve to remind us that all of us together can reach to the skies .

Our dreams are going to be their worst nightmares!


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