Koukaki (Athens) - Attack, Demonstration and Police violence on AirBnB issue


Rough translation from https://athens.indymedia.org/post/1599034/ (attack against gentrification company in Koukaki), yesterday demonstration from neighborhood assembly attacked by MAT.

"ACTION AGAINST CLOUDKEYS: airBnB + video management and marketing company (Koukaki)

Cloudkeys is a short-term lease and real estate rental company based in Faliro, Koukaki. It educates the entrepreneurs about the conversion of dwellings to tourist accommodation, how they can look quite "hospitable" to their clients and how to make the right advertising. It takes over entirely the management of tourist accommodation and links them to the wider tourist consumerism (see Guided tours, festivals, shops) and the general exploitation of the metropolis for the tourist industry and their private profits. If the owner has a lot of accommodation, he is an investor, the company provides him with a workforce to serve the needs of his tourist business. Workers who clean up the "homes" of tourists will be busy paying and working in wretched working conditions. Such companies play a catalytic role in the diffusion of the short-term lease phenomenon. They upgrading private management in a unified and developed entrepreneurial process where it connects all individual tourism businesses to achieve the maximum growth of the phenomenon, the maximum profit and thus the maximum degradation of the social at the altar of the economy. This organizes the "community" of AirBnB.

Like the AirBnB or ebooking platform itself, the company we've been attacking is aware of the devastating effects of the local population - and the poorest tenants. The results have been reported countless times and recorded from the urban, alternative and radical press. They are undoubtedly the experience of thousands of people both in Greece and in all countries of the world. The phenomenon of short-term leasing is the peak of property aggression, and it is a predominantly anti-social and cannibal activity.


Antisocial - literally - because it leads to the disappearance of the stable population of a region both from the homes and from the public space and implicitly results in the disappearance of any social relations that constituted the specific subjects in the particular region. Their displacement is aimed at replacing them with the passive tourist population with the very simple objective of higher economic performance and lower social commitment. Trade relations and, rather, short-term do not require the creation of a real sociality. It replaces the structure of the house with that of the hotel and the tenant-resident is replaced with the client-tourist. The phenomenon of displacement is so exaggerated that, for example, in areas outside of Greece where airbnb has swept all of it, its customers complain that there are no locals anymore and therefore can not have the "authentic experience" of being in another place. Naturally, the tourism industry djs have devised NGOs where locals pay for contact with tourists in order to achieve the full consumption of the visit site.


Canibalism because what they call sharing economy is in fact the diffusion of entrepreneurship into a huge community. Anyone who has an extra house can be transformed directly into a businessman who is even more capable of acquiring more real estate by playing in an immoral capitalist game where the financial problems or the speculative pursuits of one are hitting on the economic and social problems of the other and across neighborhoods refined to serve tourism and thus cease to be neighborhoods. AirBnB owners are not a particular entrepreneur. Like the rest, most of them are biting for anyone who dares to say that it is harmed by their business activities. The specific, especially the very poor players, make a very devious reason for the eviction and a very aggressive reason for the tenants defending the short-term lease with fanaticism. Finally, let us mention that it is disgusting that the world of business builds its ideology to refine its violent mechanisms, evictions, exclusion and displacement. The terms community, sharing, and hosting, terms that reflect processes of constitution and solidarity between the oppressed and the weak, are used to channel and disappear from the target development area.



    The video shows attack with hammers on the company https://streamable.com/xq4pe    Yersterday July 11, a demonstration with 200 people took place in Koukaki and Acropolis, organized by neighborhood assemblies and with participation of anarchist movement. The first demonstration after the election was attacked in front of the local Policestation by MAT with chemicals, flash-bang and battons. Some people injured and 2 arrested. Massmedia say that pigs had to defend the police station after stones were thrown against it and to officers went to hospital. But thats not true.

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