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Radioactive nuclear 'boomerang waste' moved out of Australia
Highly radioactive used nuclear rods that fuelled a decade of research in Australia left for France on Saturday night in a top-secret operation, but will eventually be brought back to our shores. For nuclear news items, see: <>



Josh Frydenberg flags two-stage talks to get energy guarantee over the line
Minister floats proposal to win states’ sign-off on NEG mechanism before a second meeting to discuss emissions targets.

Energy finance target change
Batteries, distributed energy and interconnectors are likely to take a higher share of investments from the federal government’s energy financing agency.

Takeaway coffee is the epitome of cool - it shouldn't be
It’s not just the straws or plastic bags. One of the worst offenders when it comes to plastic is the single use, disposable coffee cup due to its plastic lining.

7-Eleven brings in recycling bins for its plastic waste [$]
Convenience store giant 7-Eleven will introduce dedicated coffee cup collection bins in over 200 stores across Australia — including 70 in NSW — to reduce plastic waste.

Why so much money is wasted on the wrong infrastructure
This is one area where politicians still get to play Santa Claus and nobody will admit mistakes.

Left struggles with energy truths [$]
Group think seems to prevent many journalists at left-wing outlets from realising they are wrong about renewable energy and power prices.

New South Wales

'Reckless': Approval given for more coal mining in Sydney's catchment
Government granted approval for expanded coal mining in the Special Areas, ignoring WaterNSW's concerns and before release of independent panel's first report.

'No regard for design and beauty': Why Bondi Junction is an eyesore
Troy Filson does not mince words when he describes how Bondi Junction became a blight on Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Australian Capital Territory

What nobody tells you about living in a tiny house
We visit Giralang's tiniest home to find out everything you never realised you didn't know about these increasingly popular houses.

Can you spot dead coral? – in pictures
Coral bleaching is affecting the world’s largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef, but what does a dying reef look like? These images from the Climate Council and Great Barrier Reef Legacy show the difference in what they should look like and what happens as they move from bleached to dead

Can Queensland protect koalas, build new homes and lift land values?
NSW can
Every politician known to man seemed to have their photograph taken with a koala when Brisbane hosted the G20 conference in 2014.

City to become Brisbane’s rubbish dump [$]
Controversial Labor Jo-Ann Miller says the state’s capital should take responsibility for its own “crap” after it was revealed all Brisbane City Council rubbish will soon be dumped on a neighbouring city.

South Australia

Is this the last straw for plastic? [$]
Another council is considering banning single-use plastic straws at
events on land it controls, after the city council announced a ban.


RSPCA backs Huon Aquaculture salmon but Macquarie Harbour fish won't get a tick
Huon Aquaculture salmon grown in Tasmania's south are the first in Australia to gain RSPCA approval, but salmon grown in Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania's west coast don't meet the welfare requirements.

Fire-reduction window is being squeezed
Another bushfire season has come to an end in fire-prone south-eastern Australia.




Climate Change

Heat waves 2018: The cost of climate change includes workers’ lives
and lost productivity

Extreme heat has already killed several outdoor workers this summer.

The ozone hole is both an environmental success story and an enduring
global threat

Almost 30 years ago the world responded to the realisation that our ozone layer was in trouble. The resulting Montreal Protocol was a rare example of global cooperation, but there's no room for complacency.

Birth of the Climate Lobby?
Based at Philadelphia's Drexel University, Bob Brulle has focused on the billions in ads raked in by national news organizations. His new work exposes a possible pipeline—pun intended—of as much as $5 billion dollars.

Our scorched Earth needs voters to put more heat on their politicians
Britain won't be unscathed by global warming. You can't run from climate change and you can't hide.


Trump desperately needs a science adviser, experts say. He just doubled the record for time without one
"There are many things about the Trump presidency that are historic, and the disregard for science will be seen as high on the list,” a member of the Obama administration's Office of Science and Technology Policy said.

6 teens designed this wacky green building of the future
This design, which took first place in a building concept competition, might be fantastical – but we could all learn a thing or two from the people who are going to have to live through the worst of climate change.

Nature conservation

Bulk of timber exports from Papua New Guinea won’t pass legal test
Millions of tonnes sent to China, and from there to other countries as finished wood products, should be considered ‘high risk’

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