Siemens is also considering financing a huge new coal power station in Indonesia

It seems Siemens isn’t satisfied with polluting our environment by working on Adani’s dirty Carmichael coal mine in Australia, the biggest in the world. We just found out Siemens is also considering financing a huge new coal power station in Indonesia. Tell Siemens to stop its hypocrisy and stay away from all new coal projects. Located about 100 kilometres from Jakarta, the Jawa 9 and 10 power station will pollute the air of local communities, and further worsen climate change for decades to come.

Jakarta already faces some of the worst air quality in the world. This led to a lawsuit filed in July 2019 seeking better standards across sectors causing the pollution, including new, planned coal burning plants such as Jawa 9 and 10. Moreover, it is estimated that Jawa 9 and 10 will cause over 4,700 premature deaths over its operating lifetime.

We’re not going to let Siemens get away with its appalling decision to support Adani’s climate wrecking coal mine, or any plans to finance a new coal power station. Siemens claims to be committed to tackling global warming, but behind the scenes the company is still backing dirty coal. Siemens has made a terrible decision by working with Adani, one that can only be fixed by walking away from any new fossil fuel project, starting with the Adani Carmichael mega mine and Jawa 9 and 10.  

Help us stop Siemens from further fueling the climate crisis. 

Email CEO Joe Kaeser - tell him to get out of Jawa 9 and 10 and all new coal projects immediately.

Thanks for being a part of this global effort,



Bernadette, on behalf of Market Forces





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Bernadette, on behalf of Market Forces
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