Solidarity from Hambi to Rojava

Solidarity photo for Rojava. A burning barricade, a banner wich says "From Hambi to Rojava your struggle is ours!" and a YPJ flag

This is a call to action from the autonomous people of the Hambacher Forst in solidarity with the freedomfighters in Rojava and their ongoing revolution. We want to encourage actions of all levels to support their resistence against the invasion of the turkish government.

This invasion is an attack to freedom itself and it has to be fought against whith any means necessary.

Continuing to be passive observers is no longer possible as we are witnessing the beginning of an ethnic cleansing; the largest present society which is inspired on the values of freedom, feminism and ecology is fighting to survive right now and we can not stay inactive.

We are not only adressing activists but we also encourage the civil society to take a stand.

Biji Rojava Azad! Biji YPJ/G!

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