Turn around the fear


In contrast to the first report published on the hambacher forest blog (https://hambacherforst.org/blog/2017/12/01/zur-konfrontation-am-mittwoch/) this text won´t just be about the contact with the contact terrorist (some call them also police or security personal). That was only one incident after emotional days full of panicking, rumours and fear because of the supposed eviction on thursday the 30th of November. On the other hand there was also much courage , self-empowerement and overtaking initiative instead of waiting and speculating.

So in the night from Sunday (26. November) to monday pump stations were burnt. The smoke just disappeared as explloited people from RWE startet to eradicate the dead wood nearby the forest, protected by security persons. After a view activists arrived they all went back and stopped their destructive work. Activists used the free space to sabotate several pump stations. And that wasn´t the only answer to the verdict of the court process (the BUND-initiated process ended into a verdict RWE is allowed to continue with the further cutting of the forest).

There was also an occupation of the Hambacher Train (the train for transportation of coal) and a sabotation of the wires approximately 3-4 meters over the trails. In the time until wednesday many barricades were built, cat-and-mouse games took place with the terrorists (police and securities) and discussions about the current court situation (according to an urgent petition from BUND the court denied on Tuesday the 28th of Novmebr the cutting during the time it would take to make a decission).

A view celebrated the decission, others were a bit sceptical about the structural point of courts being a part of the state. As a result of the party taking place in the night from Tuesday to "the Wednesday" one part of the street next to the security main infrastructure also called "secu point" was freed of the asphalt layer. By the way it´s easy to destroy a street: just make a fire on it and if there´s enough heat you can remove it and sheffle the surface away and pick to make a deeper hole. The work was going on during Wednesday so many joined and contributed in many ways (bringing food and water, supporting emotionally, spreading information to others so that they could join and picking and sheffeling directly next to the bruning fire for hours).

These actions opened the space for many ideas in order to take initiative and go more into the offensive. But before we come to the effect of these thoughts someone announced the arrival of the contact terrorist (why is there excisting a contact with the terrorists?). After he just taalk german, tried to seperate the group and continued crossing boarders of many people one person showed more physical that he isn´t welcome at the barricade, after many demanded him to go. As the darkness settled down at the forest more activists arrived at the barricade and headed towards the secu-point which is only one hundred metre away from the barricade. A view of them started to put down the fences easily and cut the NATO-Wire and started to destroy a cabine as no secu´s appeared.

That was the moment where more activists could have joined and create more sabotage to the surveillance system and bright light infrastructure. Maybe next time, this was already a psychological success of being in the heart of the security infrastructure and destroy a bit symbolically. It´s absolutely no surprise that the mass media and the authorities try to represent us as terrorists to the public. In fact they have just fear that they will be attacked more consequently because they are oppressing everybody and actions like this make it more likely that they will be attacked one day.

When we speak about the Wednesday - remember, remember the 29th of November - we shouldn´t forget criticism. Criticism of macho behaviour. Criticism of people who try to decide for others how to take action. With the argument of media publicity people try to legitimate their ruling behaviour and forgot that the mass media is part of the system what should be destroyed. To destroy patriarchy it is also important to be patient and listend to the more silent voices and go into discussions how to continue with the great protest against coal with diversity of methods instead of deligitimating specific methods.

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