Call to court for the 17A-Vermummungsverbot Case - 03/09


On 2.3 we participated in an antifascist manifestation against the NPD at Kopenick. In the end of the manifestation 3 protesters were caught and charged according to the law 17A-Vermummungsverbot.




Room  456

at Amtsgericht Tiergarten

Turmstasse 91, 10559

The Vermummungsverbot is another legal weapon in the hands of the state. This anti-insurrectionalist policy is  used by the capital and the state to suppress social and class rage. The Vermummungsverbot law aims in exemplary punishment and frightening struggling people as well as any other person who is defined as an internal enemy of the state.


Until today, it has been used countless times against protesters in antifascists and anti racists demonstrations, also against protesters who participated in demonstrations against the rent increases and in other innumerable examples.


It should be noted, that the coverage of features includes scarves and mufflers and any other objects which can be used in order to tamper with the individual’s characteristics, these evidences are not always taken into consideration in order for the legal prosecution to be completed and only the cops’ report who have made the arrest is enough.


In all of these cases, according to the section of 17a paragraph 2 of the Versammlungesetz law, the demonstrator’s elemental self-protection way, their personal freedom and choice to remain anonymous is criminalized.


There are many examples where (even peaceful) demonstrators would like to maintain their anonymity, under the fear of discrimination, for example, from their political opponents, employers or even the police.


Despite this, the demonstrator’s anonymity maintenance, becomes a criminal offense and is punished according to the sections of 27 and 29 paragraph, of the Versammlungesetz Law, to imprisonment of up to one year or a fine.


The reoccurring arrest and enforcement of fines, creates a situation were the resisting parts of the movement are held legally and economically hostages, leading resistance and protest to become a privilege of the ones that have the economic capacity to cope with the penalty which imposed on them.

The struggle against the special repressive arsenal of the state, is an integral part of the broader struggle for the subversion of the system of exploitation and repression, for a society of equality, solidarity and freedom.

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