France,Béziers (Hérault) : attack the new police station!

A car deliberately set on fire against the new police station
France Bleu, May 5, 2023 (excerpt)

The district of La Devèze in Béziers was the scene of numerous acts of violence on Thursday night. About fifty hooded individuals organized a real ambush shortly after 11:30 pm, trying to entrap the municipal and national police and the firemen.



Numerous projectiles, such as cinder blocks, petanque balls, cobblestones, shopping carts were thrown against the vehicles of the municipal police. Three cars were damaged, one of them seriously.

At the same time, a vehicle parked at the back of the joint police station [national and municipal police] in La Devèze was deliberately set on fire, seriously damaging the premises of the police station, which is closed for several days. CRS from Montpellier is due to arrive this Friday afternoon and may spend the weekend in the area.

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