No one knows this man's name...

No one knows this man’s name. He’s lived entirely on his own for 22 years, in a tiny patch of the Brazilian Amazon, surrounded by the loggers and ranchers who wiped out all the other members of his family and community. He’s so traumatized, he hides when people approach, refusing all human contact. He has no one to talk to. Please help us stop this happening again →

 Please help us stop this happening again →

The unimaginable pain and grief he suffered are being repeated across the globe. Elsewhere in the Amazon live the last four members of another tribe, the Akuntsû. They too have seen everyone dear to them die in a genocide that the world has barely noticed.

We are determined to stop these atrocities, and urgently need your help →

We’re the only organization fighting worldwide to stop the extermination of uncontacted tribes. Thanks to you our campaigns work, but the forces of destruction in the name of “progress” are extremely powerful.

Please help us. Donate now to give the world’s uncontacted tribes the chance of survival →

If enough of us act together, we can stop the genocide of uncontacted tribes.

With thanks,

Stephen Corry

P.S. We take no money from governments or big business so our integrity is never compromised. We rely entirely on your donations to keep fighting for tribal peoples worldwide. Please donate today. Without you, there can be no Survival.



Stephen Corry, Survival International
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