Solidarity! Demonstration on may 12th, 2018 in Berlin



On may 12th, we are calling for an unannounced demonstration, for a revolutionary, solidary world, that does not need any prisons and institutions. We are demonstrating for the freedom for all and  want to show our solidarity with prisoners, especially Lisa and Thomas. 

Lisa was sentenced to 7 ½ years in prison on june 7th in 2017. She had been accused of robbing a Pax bank in Aachen.

Thomas was arrested during a bank robbery in 1996 and sentenced to 16 years and 9 months in prison. Even though, he should have been released already, a court ruled for him to be held in preventive custody. When and if he will be released ist still in question. Currently, Thomas is beeing held in the JVA Freiburg.

Control, repression, cops, courts, punishment and prisons are the logical consequence of people resisting a system, which is based on power and property. Repression is a bargaining chip, used by those in power and by the proprietary. It is fundamental for the society we are living in. This system, ist what we want to fight, with our solidarity.

Repression creates fear, that is out of the question. But if we withdraw our solidarity from each other, we strengthen the repression and its consequences. Our task is not to supress our fears, but find a collective way of handling them.

What exactly is it, that scares us? Is it the isolation, the individualisation or the contempt we have to face? This is precisly what we are fighting against and the reason why the state is attacking us. The attack on the instiutions of power is an important part of the revolutionary struggle. Just as important, is the reflection on how we live and establish relationships with each other within our society. Since any action, which might lead to repression is as important as finding a collective approach to any form of repression, Both aspects are an attack on the state and authority.

If repression leads to division, it fulfills its purpose.

When we are in solidarity, with people who are resisting the ruling order, the repression becomes less terrifying, since its main goal of individualising us becomes meaningless.

When dealing with the fact, that repression and prisons are bullshit, we need to keep in mind, that any perspective from the outside does not come from a free mind either. A life in this society can not be free, but it is a life based on oppression and exploitation.

When we accept, that we have very little to lose, but a lot to win, we reach a point where we can not be intimidated any longer.

This demonstration is one of many possibilities to show our solidarity.

It will be unannounced, because we do not want to ask permission when and how we can demonstrate our solidarity. We will not enter any negotiations with the state, which we ultimitaly want to destroy. Especially when we want to show our solidarity with those, that the state puts behind bars.

We understand, that not announcing this demonstration, means that not everyone might be able to attend, But it is a start to finding a way, that makes it possible for everyone to attend unannounced demonstrations. We want to be uncontrollable and we want to use the context of the Discussion- and chaos days, to come together and send a sign to the rebels behind the walls.

Because: „Revolutionary solidarity is the key to destroying all walls. Simultaniously it is a sign of love and anger, as well as riot, in the struggle against caiptal and state.“ (Danilea Carmignani) 

May 12th 2018 – 6 pm – Herrfurthplatz Berlin Neukölln

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