[Spain] Letter from Rodrigo Lanza from prison

Once again from the dungeons of the State, the belly of the beast.

Once again from the dungeons of the State, the belly of the beast. In first instance and FIES I write these words, isolated but not alone, because I know that our values ​​are far stronger than these bars that I have in front of me, that our love for freedom is a thousand times more worthy than their hatred and that there is not a wall that can separate us from our own.

I believe in many things and two of these have always been that anti-fascist self-defence is the most legitimate struggle and that a State that promotes fascism, racism, homophobia and a long etcetera will ruthlessly attack those who defend themselves. After being insulted in a racist way, attacked from behind by a man holding a knife and following a tragic ending, the machine starts rolling, the State becomes strong and knows that a lie told a thousand times becomes truth, at least for the majority who need it.

The attacker becomes the attacked, they invent a ridiculous excuse for the aggression (the braces) that does not even appear in the police investigation, the knife disappears and they try to hide the fascist and racist links. They shoot with their best weapon: patriotism. The danger on television is me, and they will tell this lie a thousand times, because they can and because they need it. I feel terrible impotence knowing myself a pawn in their game, but I do not despair, I know from experience that the truth comes to the surface, even if history is written by the powerful, the winners … for now.

I know that we will make more noise than them, that our bonds and solidarity are worth much more than their media and their walls. I continue to believe now more than ever in legitimate self-defence, in anti-fascism, in my brothers and sisters in the street, in our struggles, in my family, in my principles.

For all this and more, although I am here and after all that I am experiencing, I continue to feel lucky, because I know I can count on you, like you on me.

From the dungeons, isolated, but not alone.



Source: http://actforfree.nostate.net/?p=29464


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