FreeCuvry Eviction Action Days



After the Eviction of most of the inhabitants of the Refugee School, the Cuvry Brache in Kreuzberg is now in high danger of eviction!
We expect that the last big squat in Berlin will be evicted in the beginning of next week!!!

Until last week there were two big spaces in Berlin where everyone could go and live without paying or asking for any permission: The Refugee School and Cuvry Brache. Now they want to take us the last big free space in Berlin.

The owner Artur Süsskind, a real estate manager wants to build apartments on this open space by the river Spree between the neibourghoods of Kreuzberg and Friedichshain.

Cuvry Brache has a long history of creative and self-organized movements. It has been occupied and evicted several times, the last one 3-4 years ago. Since then a variety of people have made it their home. There is no formal way of organization, people come here and do what they feel like doing.

There are 130 people approx. living in Cuvry, half of them Roma families that the city wants to get rid off by any means. Until now, neither the district nor the owner offered any alternatives or solutions for the people at Cuvry.

The existance of Cuvry or free places alike is of vital importance to all of us and not only for people who lives there or use the place. In Cuvry everyone has a place, absolutely everyone!

We want the eviction of Cuvry to be, along with the resistence of the refugees and supporters in the school, the starting point of a movement that brings together all the people in this city who care about the increasing and continous limitation of freedom that the so called authorities and those who are thinking and designing the world for us are trying to impose to all of us.

Well, time for action is here. The eviction in Cuvrybrache, Kreuzberg is going to be next week. Both the eviction of the Refugee School and Cuvry were planned one after the other. Well until now the eviction of the school has been the most expensive ever and now is the time for Cuvry to increase to the bill.



Saturday 05/07/14 EVICTION PARTY

We are celebrating a big Eviction Party during the whole day and night from 12:00 pm. and you need to come! The party will be organized in the Cuvry-stile, what means that everyone can come and do what they want to do or organize what they want to organize. From our side we will organize concerts and music, vokü and workshops. Bring food to give to the kitchen, drinks, instruments to play because there will be jam sesions, bring your children to play in the „beach“ by the Spree, bring games to play: badmington, frysbe, futballs, plastic boats to enjoy in the spree or anything you can imagine. Lets dance!


Sunday 06/07/14 at 18:00h MEETING

Meeting and discussion with everyone who is interested in the future of Cuvry and its possibilities in the bibliothek by the entrance at Schlesische Strasse


Monday 07/07/14 You are also welcome to sleep at Cuvry on Monday evening or the rest of the week, bring tents and sleeping stuff when possible!


Adress: Cuvrystrasse 50-51, U-Bahn Schlesisches Tor.

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