Fuck (kurwa) Borders

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Samstag, April 23, 2022 - 19:00
Let's get together for an event to fight all racist migrant policies. Soli event for anarchist refugee support in Poland. Join us for a informative event with vegan food and soli party with live DJs. Saturday, 23.4.22, 19 Uhr, Rote Flora Hamburg

We come from a country that is struggling with its own paranoia. A country in which people have been dying in the woods from exhaustion and hypothermia at one of its borders. These people are criminalized, beaten, humiliated, starved, repeatedly denied entry, imprisoned in detention centers, and robbed of their future. Simultaneously, this sick country allows thousands of white refugees a day - giving them food and providing opportunities to find accomodations and get legal jobs.
Contradictory approaches of one government - two standards for two classes of refugees.This is the current situation in Poland, where during these past 8 months, the only help came from volunteers, activists, small organizations, collectives, and kind people living near the border.
And instead of looking for any solutions to this crisis, the only reaction of the state is to building a deadly wall and intensify repression against refugees and those who help them.

First, during the informative part, we want to talk about the situation at the Polish-belarussian border, about the criteria that determine who is 'legal' and who is to be brutally illegalized and criminalized. We want to talk about strategies for organizing ourselves now and in the future and we want to brainstorm on international solidarity and how we can fight these nationalist states, their borders and their fatal and racist migration politics.
We want to share memes with you, created in the spirit of no-borders, no-nation, and against the culture of prioritizing self-care over systemic change - because no one can tell us how we should deal with the trauma of witnessing this cruel reality every day.

After the discussion, we invite you to have a drink, dance to the music of awesome DJs, and most of all to spend quality time together.

All are welcome, nationality doesn't mean shit - no human is illegal.

We'll meet at:
Hamburg, Rote Flora

Saturday 23/04/22
Informative event and food starts at: 18:30

Party: 21:00-04:00

Money collected during the event will be donated to crews supporting the refugees for whom Poland doesn't provide any support programs.


- CRUSAT (Zange / Hamburg) – sparkling, speedy, high energy, experimentlol
- DJ Lentil (Berlin) - techno, breaks, bass, euphoric vocals and micro PC music
- Moss Oz (Klątwa Obfitości / Kraków) – baile punk
- Ania R (Brutaż / Warszawa) – turmeric techno~acid~trance

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