More blockades on Olkiluoto's streets

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Since 6 AM today the main access roads to the Finnish Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Olkiluoto are blockaded by activists from Finland, Sweden, Russia, Belarus, France and Germany. It is the first publicly announced blockade in Finland ever. About fourty organizations from Finland and other countries were calling out for that action. The access road from the highway is blockaded since the early morning by about 50 activists, another blockade of some 20 people is closing a second access road to the NPP and many more activists are in the area trying to do more actions.
The junction of the main access road and a second road to the NPP has been blockaded since 6 AM by three activists who locked-on with each other in tubes forming a triangle shaping a radioactivity sign. They were supported by a dozen other activists doing a sit-in blockade. After a temporary clearing of the road by the police, the activists returned there and stayed there now since six hours. The police units there don't want to try to open the lock-ons themselves and are probably waiting for specialists' support.

In the time between another group of five activists with tubes and lock-ons arrived at the place and formed another blockade next to the other one. The police was just watching, but they even didn't try to intervene. In the beginning they sent some more important cars (police, ambulance) on the cycleway, but later they sent all the cars there instead of sending them back as happened in the beginning. For that reasons one of the lock-on blockades surprisingly moved from the road onto the cycleway and is blocking now since about one hour all possibilities for cars to pass this access road to the NPP.

The demonstrators are joined also by a group of street theatre activists doing performances making fun on nuclear industry and the police who are protecting them.
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