Finland: NPP Olkiluoto access road blocked by Lock-ons

FB 28.08.2010 07:12 Themen: Atom Weltweit Ökologie
For today, Saturday August 28, 2010, the first blockade of a nuclear facility in Finland was announced. About fourty organizations from Finland and other countries were calling out for that action. Since 6 AM in the morning some 100 activists are stopping or delaying the traffic to the Nuclear Power Plant at changing places.
Since some three hours one of the access roads to the NPP is blockaded by three activists with lock-ons and a dozen of supporting activists having a sit-in blockade on the road, too. Police obviously doesn't really know what to do - they first examinated the material of the lock-on, but decided to wait for some specialists to deal with it.

Most cars (mostly workers of the NPP) are sent back by the police to try other roads. In some cases they also diverted certain cars (police and fire rescue) to the cycleway next to the street. There are some four different access roads leading to the NPP; one of them is blockaded now.

When a big construction truck wanted to pass the blockade, the police was overtaxed and tried to clear the road. The sit-in blockade was cleared mostly without strong violence by carrying people to the shoulders of the road. Then the police unit did the unprofessional attempt to carry the locked-on people all together at the same time from the road, although they were still locked to each other. They really did it hurting them, because it is dangerous for the activists to be moved while they are in the lock-ons. But the Finnish police lacks experience with direct action and seems to react dangerous when they are under stress.

Just a minute after clearing the street, the police didn't even try to intervene when the activists moved again with their lock-ons onto the road. Now it's closed again, and police is standing beside...
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