[Madrid, Spain] Two rental motorcycles torched

Extracted and translated from: https://contramadriz.espivblogs.net/2019/08/14/madrid-incendiadas-dos-mo...


Against the «smart cities», against the green capitalism, against gentrification, against the city.


Against the consumption architecture , against the commodification of all kind of life, against property.


Against peace, against the lack of tension, against democracy, agaist authority.


During the night from 26th to 27th of july we set fire to two rental motorcycles in the area of Moncloa (Madrid).


We send the warm of the fire and hugs to the 3 of Parkbank and all the affinity comrades.


For the conflict, for the anarchy.


Spontaneous night group William Van Spronsen



Solidarität mit den Drei von der Parkbank