Bad news from Argentina : a comrade in serious condition and 12 arrested

On wednesday 14th of november, in Buenos Aires (Argentina), nearly simultaneously, two bomb attacks were leaded. The first one went wrong and exploded in the hand of the comrade who was acting. The aim was the tomb of Ramón Falcón, a police chief responsible of the death of 11 demonstrators for the first of may of 1909 in Buenos Aires, and who was then murdered months after by the anarchist Simón Radowitzky.

The comrade who did this attack on wednesday is right now in serious condition at the hospital, and the comrade who was with her at that moment got arrested.

Some hours later a bomb was thrown to the house of a judge. The comrade who lead the attack got immediately arrested too.

In the night between wednesday and thursday the cops raided a squat in Buenos Aires, and arrested 10 people.

The press identify all the people involved in the case as anarchists.

For the record, the G20 in Buenos Aires is only in two weeks.

[All the information was taken from the shit-press]