About G20 international repression on April 29th

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Mittwoch, Mai 30, 2018 - 18:15
Some info and ideas about the last international repressive wave.


At 6 in the morning on Tuesday 29th, an international repressive operation was leaded by the german police investigation group " Soko Schwarzer Block" (Black Block Soko). This operation had effect in France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.


Since German police lost control in their biggest and most militarized operation this century – Since we took the streets during the G20 Protests in Hamburg last summer and showed the state that they cant totally control us, not even with all their force - The German state is searching for people to blame and punish, representative for the G20 revolt.

There is an investigation team with up to 180 police officers that call themselves “Soko Black Block”, they try to catch as many of the G20 rioters as possible. Since last summer they are doing big repressive waves of operations from time to time, that seem to be especially for media attention and intimidation of the protesters. They made raids and two big public searches with more than 200 pictures of suspected protesters that where printed in the German media with the call to denunciate these people.

One of the biggest dreams of the police in Hamburg was to have this power in other European countries as well, which became true now.


Last tuesday, raids were executed in various places, looking for proofs and calling people to declare. In Spain, one of the four searches that they wanted to make, was no possible for legal troubles; in Italy, there was raids in Genoa and Rome, included the house of a comrade that was already comdemned in Hamburg; in Bremgarten (Switzerland), one comrade house was raided; and in France they looked for other three comrades.



The police already launched an european search of 24 troublemaker suspicious onApril 13th. Criminal Federal Police (BKA) have sent a list of wanted people with pictures of two dozens of people, until now unknown.



The investigation that gave place to this operation have to do mainly with the events happened on July 7th evening. German police is working a lot withgenetic material and contrasting videos and photos.



11 months after the NO G20,repression barely start internationally , so that we think necessary keep alert. Is important keep informed of the course of this researches and processes, as well is recommended to check the photo archievepublished in the Hamburg Police website, better being carefull to work under informatic securit conditions.


In the raids, police searches not only any material that could link us with Hamburg or the protests, like maps or clothes; but also they put special interest in the contacts and international links.Everything that could link us with envoirments or comrades from other countries, is for them a valuable material. Any note in a paper ended like @riseup.net is super interesting for them.Is also important to take care with all the electronic material and devices like computers, usb, or sim cards.


We call to be alert and informed, keep our houses clean of material that could link us with G20 protests and continue supporting the struggle that it was and is, as well as the comrades that are suffering the consequent repression.



This avid search of contacts and links, is obviously not chance.Again, police want to draw some kind of net or international coordinationthat could equate this events to some kind of coordinated terrorist action.In various media they repeat“The Inside Senator, Andy Grote of SPD brangthe riots next to the terrorism.”



With this international operation, they also make nets between them, securing a cooperated way to work. German police assault our houses,taking what they want, and then the police of every country make good of it also taking good notes and prepare the repression in their own ground. Also, according literal words from their speaker, this is just a first step that will be followed for further steps and serves mainly to intimidate and make feel unsafe the people that went to the G20 protests, even if they are in other countries.



In this case, like always, “terrorist” is nothing else that one more of their clasifications with which can apply their repressive device, with which can articulate a speech to make them easier fight the dissidance and the conflict agents. As well as their categories of “good protesters” or “bad protesters”, “innocents” or “guilty”. Terrorists, troublemakers, offenders; sometimes we could be it, sometimes not. Sometimes guilty of go to face when the world owners meet to decide over our lives always looking for their maximun benefit. We don’t care to much about their categories, their press holders nor their judgments. Any act of violence against the State and Capitalism, their infrastructures and repressive forces, is amply justified for us for the systematic and structural violence to wich their imposed living conditions condemn us.


Force for those that fighted to “overshadow” the G20 summit, for those who suffered arrestions and raids, and those that are still in prison!




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