Hambach forest : 4 flat tires for engie car

Right next from hambach forest and the huge coal mine which almost completely destroyed it, 4 tires of an engie car, french multinational working in nuclar electric energy, gas and petroleum, have been pierced.

Those fossil fuels are used in the same time with "renewables energies" (wind turbines, solar pannel) which aren't because using also fossil fuels to be created and destroying spaces and populations from where they come from.

They just ad to the energy's increasing growth of this sick and self-destructive world.

It's possible to see this absurdity over there, this several kilometers coal hole, neighbor of wind turbines, nuclear centrals, solar farms...

It is more than urgent to stop it, knowing and doing nothing is collaborate.

Without any illusion this little sabotage will be quickly absorbed by this enterprise, the objective is on duplicating the attacks, make ennemys visible, and spread attacks and information practices. Without it, nothing will change.

Solidarity is necessary to face repression, lets create trust network, let's attack to pressurize.

Support to people occupying osterholz forest and tothe hamburg's anarchists attacked by the state.

DEATH TO CIVILISATION, RWE, ENGIE, CIGEO (nuclear waste burying project in bure france) AND THE ONES LIKE THEM.

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