American Fascist To Lecture In Germany!

Joel Carlinsky 21.01.2012 23:24 Themen: Antirassismus Ökologie
An American Fascist will lecture and conduct a seminar in Germany in March. His hate speech is illegal and a complaint could be filed to stop him.
On the 16th and 17th of March, Dr. James DeMeo, a right-wing American academic who often writes polemics against Moslems, will be in Munich, Germany, for a two-day program of presenting his work. In one part of this two-day program Dr. DeMeo will be presenting his replications of certain physics experiments in support of claims of a scientific nature. That is not an issue. He has every right to say whatever he wishes about scientific facts.

However, he will also be presenting a pseudoscientific rationale for ideological hatred of Moslems as a part of his allegedly "scientific" findings. This is a violation of the strict anti-Nazi laws in Germany. Under German law, it is illegal to defame a religion or attempt to create hostility toward a religion. This Dr. DeMeo does on an almost daily basis.

Any German citizen can bring a charge against him with the German Federal Prosecutor's Office. If his anti-Islamic publications are brought to the attention of the German authorities, he would probably be banned from entering Germany. That would be best for the peace and harmony of Germany, since his visits there are calculated to create an intellectual atmosphere leading to inter-group hostility.

Legal action could also be taken against the person who is making the arrangements for his visit:

Klaus Heimann, Dipl. Päd.
Reichenbachstr. 26
80469 München

Please consider taking the time to contact the proper officials in Germany, especially in Bavaria, and ask them to take action against this attempt to create divisiveness and inter-group hate in Germany.

If you are not able to bring a legal complaint yourself, please pass this message on to anyone you know in Germany who might be willing to do so.

For more information, please contact me. Thank you.

Joel Carlinsky
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