Dresden 2011 - Mobilsierung aus Dänemark

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An account of the meeting concerning the trip to Dresden, held at "Folkets Hus" 18 January 2011.
Organizers: Modstand Solidaritet (MS).

NOTE! Direct attention is called to the fact that buses from Copenhagen and Aarhus are being planned. This account is relevant for everyone, regardless of the place and departure.

About an hour and 15 minutes passed - a time when most people present had gotten a bite to eat, when the time was about 19:15 pm. Thus, time to initiate the meeting, concerning the trip to Dresden with an objective to block the Nazi manifestation.

To make this account as concise as possible, however, with a certain volume, the topics informed about, and discussions that took place, is here emphasized. In this account, it is possible to read a thing or two, that wasn't mentioned in yesterdays (18 January) meeting; therefore, it is recommended that everyone (except outsiders of course) takes notice of this account!

1. What is going to happen in Dresden?
It can't be stated enough times: The crucial initiative with an intention to show the fascist Nazi movement a human wall of massive confrontational action. The Nazis have called for foreign support to make their manifestation on the streets Saturday the 19th of February. This Nazi-event is most likely to appear in form of a march. Together, it will be our sole and profound objective to block, disrupt, and hopefully prevent this Nazi manifestation from happening.
Your own personal preference regarding the form of an initiative is hopefully, and with certainty, easy to spot! Confer with people similarly disposed and exercise the kind of resistance you feel like. The line for the anti-fascist opposition is the line you draw yourself.

2. Roof over your head in Dresden.
In relation to sleeping places in Dresden, we've been informed that every single person of those who is a part of this trip will have a place to sleep. The Copenhagen bus will arrive at Dresden Friday 18, and will then be escorted to our respective place to spend the night.

3. What to bring/leave at home?
We might as well say that the weather in Dresden is going to be shit-ass cold at the time of this trip. Furthermore, we've listed some things below, you'll probably want to bring. Some things you might need, some things you must bring! However, it is highly recommended, from our point of view that you bring the following:

Passport (In Germany, it's stated by law to have this on you at all times!)
Warm clothes!
Some easily and practical food (most likely, fruit, bread and stuff will be provided shortly before departure, thus it will be possible to bring something (vegan) with you!)
A bottle of water
Something to sleep with at night, e.g. a small sleeping bag (you can't expect that the sleeping places will be able to provide these kind of things!)
Misc, meaning things you personally might find handy and necessary, but have in mind: it's only for a weekend, and you'll want to have packed lightly, when or if you need to move fast and be mobile all in all.
Maybe a map of Dresden
The antifascist spirit!
Money (Euros) for your own benefit.

Furthermore, we've listed some things that we strongly frown upon you bring (that actually means that it's not allowed):

Alcohol with the agenda of drinking in the bus/during the bus trip from departure to arrival.
Illegal and incriminating objects

These lines are drawn with the intention of making this trip as smooth as possible! The faster and easier it'll go, the better. When we arrive in Germany from the ferry, a search of our buses and us is most likely to happen.
In relation to the 'smoothness' of the bus trip, general deviation of the law is something we distance ourselves from. Think about it, when we're on the ferry, at the truck-stops etc. Save the energy for Dresden!

4. The trip
Estimated time of arrival is approximately 11 hours, but it's commonly contingent on traffic, the weather, (the potential) time the polizei will need to search us etc. The bus from Copenhagen will depart in the morning (Friday 18), and the the bus from Aarhus at some point during Friday 18th of February as well. Specific details about departure, time and place will be sent by mail to the people who have signed up for the trip, shortly before departure, making this covert for as long as possible.
We will return home Sunday 20. The time of arrival depends on various factors.

5. Legal rights and the legal authority of the police
Information regarding the aspects of authoritarian rights, which we might encounter at our stay in Dresden, will be publicized post haste. We will inform you about the rights of the police, the rights you have as a foreign citizen. The possibility for making contact to legal aid in Germany will also be provided.
Consequently, check out our blog from time to time.

6. Will the bus wait?
It is possible that some of us might get arrested or somehow detained in Dresden. If such a situation is at hand, the starting point is that we wait for the detained. Our personal belief and opinion is reflected in this standpoint. However, this is held within the limits of reason, which means that if you're e.g. in custody and will be incarcerated for several days, the bus will not wait for you. Are we talking hours, then we'll figure something out. We will seek to subsidize the extra costs for renting the bus, by throwing parties and such, in the time after return. It's not economical issues that will determine the limits of this general principal.

7. Further information
Information regarding civic restaurants, (cheap) places to eat, shopping facilities, point of gathering and so on, will be sent to mail.

8. Notification for Dresden
Buses from both Copenhagen and Aarhus will be arranged.
The price for participating is 400 DKR as a maximum. We can't say anything on the spot, due to the fact that the individual price is contingent on the economical support we receive through civic restaurants, sale of stickers and patches. The more money we receive, the lesser cost for the individual - simple as that!

To make sure that we receive the needed amount of money to make this trip happen, we've decided to make a preliminary notification. This gives us the opportunity to view how many participators there are, and consequently, we can book the necessary bus to do the job.

The final notification for participating must be brought forthwith Thursday, 27 January 2011

The notification will be administered through our mail:  dresdennis@gmail.com

In relation to this, mails will be sent out to those with a seat in the bus(es). Write your name (the name you want to go by), and you mail-address. The name you use when notifying us, must be in consistency with the name you give when you pay, either through bank transfer or in cash. Further information concerning the trip will be sent out though mail.

Thursday, 3 February 2011 is the final date for payment! (Bank-transfer or cash).

We're going to be at the civic restaurant (folkekøkken) at Dortheavej 61 for two hours Thursday, 3 February, to receive payment in cash. Remember to be sure when enlisting in this trip. If you enlist and regret this decision, it's a matter of urgency to notify us asap!


Check out  http://jafaarhus.noblogs.org

It was so awesome to see all you guys at the meeting! Respect to those who helped spread the word, and the antifascist message!

Let's make this trip happen!
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Breiter Widerstand Wuppertal gegen Aufmarsch

29.01. 24.01.2011 - 20:19

National ID card good enough!

den_som_vet 25.01.2011 - 16:17
Hey folks, you don't need to necessarily bring a passport (as it says in the article), a national ID card is enough! (German law requires people to carry valid ID at all times, be it a passport or a national ID card).

Another piece of advice:
Should you be arrest for some reason, ask for an interpreter! It's your right to receive free interpretation (in order for you to be able to understand the charges made against you, etc.). The police probably won't feel like going through the trouble of finding and paying a Danish (or whatever) interpreter, which means they will either let you go or detain you without interpretation, which is illegal (you can sue them for that - ring the Danish consulate/embassy and ask for assistance!).

Thanks for your support!

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