Russian G8 delegates blocked and car bashed

everyone 08.06.2007 02:04 Themen: G8 G8 Heiligendamm
At the West Gate of the G8 summit a car carrying Russian delegates attempted to pass protesters. It was blockaded and damage was inflicted to the car.
First the car was blocked then people attempted to disable it. The wheels were deflated and exhaust was broken. Activists then opened the boot and removed the belongings of the delegate, just as the G8 removes the freedom and lives of those it claims to represent. Once the boot was open the car drove into people resulting in the windows of the car being smashed.

A few days a go the BBC reported that Tony Blair was "concerned" about the lack of democracy in Russia. The Russian government doesnt give a fuck if he is concerned or not. Hopefully they will listen to this act of resistance. The people are not happy with the governments actions, such as the recent repression of Gay Pride activists. We will resist. They are not welcome on our streets!

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(--i--) 08.06.2007 - 03:40
Fotos of the stopped car.