[video] Three short movies on Rostock riots

imc-pl-video 04.06.2007 19:06 Themen: Antifa Freiräume G8 G8 Heiligendamm
few videos from Saturday clashes with the police
There and back - charging police and the demonstrator's fighting back, 6,4MB - 1'31s
Rioters vs Clowns - clowns push out the police as the black block dances, 19,3MB - 2'51s
"Fights" withe the police - who's beating who?, 16,3MB - 2'26s

Thous short videos are meant to show 3 different things that happened during the riots, pictured by the corporate media as "anarchists attacking the police", which actually was a much more complex event. So we show both the stones falling on the police and their charges on the demonstrators. The police beating and arresting people at random and the rebel clowns together with a dancing black block.

People interested in the riots should also see the article about the police provocation which started the riots, video of the police attack on the street party, and for a cheer up interview with a member of Hedonist International who want to fight the system, and have fun while doing that.

More videos on g8-tv.org

The above video files were saved in a open source format ogg theora - you can watch them using VLC (videolan), Democracy Player, or any other player after installing the codecs. The videos can downloaded in mp4 as well (high quality) or in polish language ver. under the address http://obin.org/video/g8-2007/
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