Pictures from Rostock demo

david 02.06.2007 22:28 Themen: G8 G8 Heiligendamm
Here's some photos and brief summaries of actions at the Rostock demonstration today:
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TV media coverage

(muss ausgefüllt werden) 02.06.2007 - 23:25
The german TV channel n-tv informed the public (in the 11 pm news), that today thousands of autonomous rioters fought with molotov-cocktails, stones and bottles against police units at the demonstration in Rostock.

They say that 17 people were detained (or taken in police custody?) and that police awaits more fighting in the night.

Media talk about 150 injured policeman, three of them injured heavy - one was even attacked by a demonstrator with a knive, they say.

But, no information about how many of the tenthousands of demonstrators were injured...

But in the TV news they say, that police had to carry away and protect children, which were among other "peaceful" demonstrators", endangered by the thrown bottles and stones. By broadcasting single interviews they wanted to proof that a lot of "peaceful" demonstrators are angry about the violent demonstrators and that they had been provocating the police. Even the organisers of the demonstration said, that they distance themselves from violent demonstrators.

lokal media coverage

(muss ausgefüllt werden) 02.06.2007 - 23:37
In the local tv media channel MDR they say, that according to police information there were 25.000 people at the demonstration in Rostock today, organisers counted 80.000 people.

The MDR says, that there were violent clashes between police and militant demonstrators, who arsoned cars and built barricades.

Police is said to have used watercannons, batons and teargas/pepperspray. When they attacked the black block they also injured several peaceful demonstrators. No information about the number of injured demonstrators, but police say that 150 officers needed medical treatment [most likely because of there own teargas].

Officialy there are 50 demonstrators detained or in police custody (11:30 pm)...