Ahaus and Gorleben nuke transport news

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The state government of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW) has again been defeated in its efforts to stop trucking of nuclear waste 650 kilometres across Germany from Rossendorf near Dresden in the east to Ahaus near Münster and the Dutch border in the west.
Following two court rulings against NRW, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) on Tuesday rejected its challenge against the licence to transport 951 spent fuel rods from a shut down former East German research reactor in 18 Castor caskets.

NRW had demanded that all the waste be transported by one train. The state of Saxony plans three truck runs of six Castors each to the light-construction hall at Ahaus, which last took in spent fuel six years ago as demonstrator rioted.

NRW home affairs minister, Social Democrat Fritz Behrens, deplored the decision of the BfS. He said it runs counter to the interests of the people in the states affected by the Castor transports. One rail consignment substantially reduced the number of police that needed to be deployed and the tens of millions of euros in costs, he said, criticising the BfS for “wasting this opportunity for a smart solution”.

A spokesman of the federal environment ministry, headed by Jürgen Trittin of The Greens, cited the two court rulings which, he said, had confirmed “the thorough and safety-oriented work” of the BfS. Moreover, NRW had been able to put its case in the licensing process, the spokesman added, and had given assurances it was able to protect the transports.

Meanwhile the tug o’ war between NRW and Saxony continues. Behrens again stressed there could not be a nuclear transport still this year. In November many police from NRW and other federal states would be deployed to a rail and truck transport of nuclear waste to the Gorleben storage hall in Lower Saxony. After that, Behrens said, there could be no more transports for safety reasons because of the onset of winter weather.

The present Rossendorf-Ahaus licence runs out at the end of the year. Hence the Saxony environment minister, Steffen Flath, a Christian Democrat, had last week sharply criticised the NRW government, speaking of “breach of law” and “refusal theatrics”.

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Deutsche Quelle:  http://de.indymedia.org/2004/10/96314.shtml

Gorleben details firming

Meanwhile the BI-Lüchow-Dannenberg, the main Gorleben resistance group, reports firming details about next month’s transport of the next 12 Castors.

“It appears pretty certain that the consignment will leave France on the 6th of November at around 8.20 pm. Hence many preparations are being made all over Germany to prevent this train with its deadly radiating freight from rolling without clearly noticeable protests. There are various options open to people wanting to inform themselves. For example, there will again be an info-hotline on the Castor transport.

“Under the telephone number 01805 - 252769 (costs 12 cents a minute) information is already available on important events and actions. From the moment the transport begins, the number will have information on where it is at any time. The number can be called by mobiles. To make it easy to remember, "01805 - ALARMX" can also be keyed in to the mobile dialling pad.

“The presently assumed train schedule in France is posted at  http://www.castor.de/nix9/fahrplan.html .

“On the Castor website the current state can be obtained in the news forum “Gorleben Ticker” during the transport. Like last year, it is also possible to be put on the SMS info list through which short messages will be passed during the transport. To access the news flashes one can register at  http://www.castor.de/aktionen/internet/sms_liste.html .

“And at www.castor.de a special CASTOR-ALARM page can be called up. It contains topical information on what’s happening around the Gorleben area, called Wendland.

“In addition to the familiar anti-atomic events page of Castor-Nix-Da, there is now also a special page from where events throughout Germany connected with the La Hague transport can be downloaded:  http://www.castor.de/php/termine/castortermine.php.

“The BI Lüchow-Dannenberg also accepts infos on not yet published events to pass on.


Homepage::  http://www.castor.de
The Castor schedule is at  http://www.castor.de/nix9/fahrplan.html

You can get on the SMS list at  http://www.castor.de/aktionen/internet/sms_liste.html

Autonomous anti-atomic activists have a rallying call at  http://www.nadir.org/nadir/aktuell/2004/10/13/25792.html

Demos and actions
* Philippsburg: Camp along the route:  http://www.castor-stoppen.de/
* Dannenberg: 6.11. 12 am openming demo
* Bietigheim: 7.11. for people from the region with not much time to spare  http://neckarwestheim.antiatom.de/akt/aktuell.htm
* Gorleben: 8./9.11. Sitdown blockade by x-tausend-mal quer during the trucking:  http://www.x1000malquer.de/
Homepage::  http://www.antiatom.de

The Wendland attac group calls on all attac groups and members to join the protests.

“Resistance against the globally operating energy and atomic concerns is enormously important!!!

”We protest against atomic energy

Ø because it destroys the environment and brings death,

Ø because it is not needed and horrendously expensive. If the industry were at last forced to take out the appropriate insurance cover that would add about €2 to the cost of one kilowatt-hour of electricity, making it 2,000% dearer than wind power.

Ø because it hinders the urgently needed energy turnaround,

Ø because it is mostly closely tied up with the atom bomb and global contamination (historically atomic technology is a ‘waste product’ of the military use. Most recent examples: The use of uranium ammunition contaminated large areas of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Uranium mining contaminates vast areas e.g. in Australia and tramples on the living rights of the people living there. Every year as much radioactivity is released by the Sellafield (Britain) and La Hague (France) processing plants as by the Chernobyl meltdown. Every Castor contains as much radioactivity as about 40 Hiroshima bombs),

Ø because the disposal problem cannot be solved anywhere on earth and the risks and costs of ‘disposal’ will be criminally offloaded on all following generations for more than a million years (the Gorleben salt deposit has been shown by scientific examination to be totally unsuitable as a repository, among other reasons because salt water leaks through it),

Ø because the Castor transports to Gorleben (where apart from a light-construction hall there is only an “exploratory” mine) do not amount to disposal and serve only to keep atomic power stations operating and to secure the profits of that industry,

Ø because governments protect the profits of the mighty power companies, sacrifice our basic rights to that end and ever more impudently expand the democracy-hostile police and watch-over state,

Ø because the chatter about abandoning atomic power is a lie (on the contrary, the atomic industry continues to be highly subsidised. The production of atomic power is increasingly happening in rotting power stations in eastern Europe. On the basis of the Euratom treaty – an appendage of the EU Constitution – billions of euros are shoved uncontrolled to the atomic corporations. The nine corporations that rule the world power market control about 90 % of the power production.),

Ø because transportation of uranium and atomic waste right around the world represent indefensible endangerment of all human beings and because all stations of the atomic chain are potential targets for terrorists,

Ø because German atomic power stations are also characterised by constant technical mishaps, accidents, concealments, gross breaches of the law and the fact that from the very outset they have been operated illegally in terms of the constitution and human rights because they can offer no proof of safe disposal,

Ø because the billions spent for this inhuman method of producing power would be better spent on our children and social needs,

Ø because an energy turnaround with decentralised use of renewable energies creates safe, clean jobs worldwide and contributes to peace.

When the Castor rolls, a state of emergency rules in Wendland:
About 18,000 police have to be deployed to ensure the Castor train’s arrival. Media publicity is largely excluded or managed by police.

There is only one way to resist criminalisation of democratic protest and the erosion of basic rights:
Come one and all to Wendland in November.
Better to be active with fun than deadly sad radioactive.
The best protection of basic and freedom rights is to exercise and defend them.

In Wendland the resistance lives.

Everything is provided for:
Sleeping on farms (inter alia with sleeping bags and insulation mats in dry barns) or in families, etc., food and drink, cultural presentations, many-faceted actions.
We demand: Protect us, not the atomic Mafia!
Immediate closure of all atomic installations worldwide!
Search for suitable final repositories with the billions set aside by the energy giants!

attac-Gruppe Wendland
(Contact: Tel.: 05864/986422, e-mail:  wendanix@t-online.de)
Information from:
BI Lüchow-Dannenberg e.V., Drawehner Str. 3, 29439 Lüchow, Tel.: 05841/4684 – Fax: 05841/3197 – e-mail:  bi-luechow@t-online.de – Internet: www.bi-luechow-dannenberg.de.,
www.castor.de, www.widersetzen.de.

Info telephone before/on the protest days: 01805 - 252769

More information:
www.bi-ahaus.de and www.uaa-gronau.de
On the necessary energy turnaround:
www.robinwood.de and www.eurosolar.org, email  wendanix@t-online.de

Uelzen demo
The BI Uelzen reports that they will also organise a demo again, probably as usual a week before the startup demo in Dannenberg. “It would be great if a few people from Wendland came as well. Exact date to be announced soon.” email  info@bi-uelzen.de, homepage::  http://www.bi-uelzen.de


The Hitzacker Castor group is also mounting action – details at  http://www.castor.de/diskus/flugbl/2004/moove.html and  http://www.castorgruppehitzacker.tk .

Halloween demo in Lüneburg
on Sunday 31 October, 3 pm Marktplatz. “Disguised, loud and creatively make clear to those responsible and the profiteers of atomic transports that there will again be determined resistance in Lüneburg as well.”

Heading the other way

Meanwhile a Castor transport is heading the other way, to France. Aktionsbuendnis CASTOR-Widerstand Neckarwestheim reports that road transport from the Brokdorf power station to the Brunsbüttel station in northern Germany took place Monday evening. The lowloader truck pulled one type TN 13/2 Castor casket.

Departure from Brunsbüttel is expected Tuesday night. From Brunsbüttel the route is Wilster, Itzehoe and Pinneberg, through Hamburg, then the assembly yards at Maschen (south of Hamburg). There another Castor from Brokdorf may be added. Others might also join from the Stade or Grohnde nukes.

Usually well informed sources say the next transport to the La Hague plutonium factory on 20 October is expected at 7 p.m. in the border town Lauterbourg/France. That means it will cross the border at Wörth -

This consignment is said to comprise four Castor caskets.
Aktionsbuendnis CASTOR-Widerstand Neckarwestheim
x mail:  anti-akw.neckarwestheim@s.netic.de
x www:  http://neckarwestheim.antiatom.de
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