Undercover police men in Rostok

fuck the police 03.06.2007 01:41 Themen: G8
the 2 under cover police men started to arrest an activist after the black block got to the ending point of the march, before the riots began.
if you have more pictures please up load
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weitere fotos

weitere fotos 03.06.2007 - 10:41
weitere fotos

Staged Arrest?

Framepilot 03.06.2007 - 20:18
This seems to be a staged arrest! Two supposable provocateurs and two undercover cops are on the video in the following link (text and download).


- 03.06.2007 - 22:01
At this youtubevideo ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo4iuhTxFZM) it can be watched that first of all the (probably Bavarian) Police is beginning to put their helmets on. At 3:10 minutes from the left side of the video two black-dressed people come into picture. These two guys haven't been seen whole of the time before at this place. One is giving the other something and then they go out of picture.
Seconds later the two undercover cops from pictures above come in.
At 3:37 one of the black dresed persons comes back into picture (alone!) and gets caught by the undercover cop (as seen at the picturs above).

This is definitly not a usual behaviour of members of the black block. No one's going out of block alone wearing a black mask or something like this because of the enormous danger to be caught (in Germany it is not allowed to put anything in front of your face at demonstrations; just to do this is seen as a crime).

another photo of the arrest

- 03.06.2007 - 22:04

Arrestet Person

Hanni 05.06.2007 - 15:27
This is the arrested person from following video:



SD 05.06.2007 - 15:32
Please help to investigate this arrest. If you know the arrested person, please post here. Also someone should contact the EA (Legal Team) 038204 - 768111. They know who was arrested at what time. If this is a staged arrest, we'll expose it!

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