First Castor acquittal in Hannover

Solar Fighter (translated by Diet Simon) 06.10.2004 22:21 Themen: Atom
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Trials of anti-nuclear activists continued in a Hanover court (Amtsgericht) on 29 September. Last November the accused stopped a train carrying nuclear waste to Gorleben by blockading the track near Rohstorf with 150 protesters. The trial confirmed the suspicion that the police actively promoted the gathering on the rails coming about so as to be able to arrest everyone.
In another trial the police commander Marquardt spoke openly of a plan that had existed from the start to arrest all participants. The picture was completed by the use of two spies in the preparations for the action. These reported that they’d heard at a general meeting that a joint action was planned on a road. With this self-made danger prognosis those who took part in the blockade were kept under arrest for 20 hours.

One accused was acquitted because he was able to prove that the police had told him to step onto the rails. He said as far as he could tell, it was not possible to leave the gathering, however, while the police were ordering a banned gathering to disperse.

Despite this, purely as a point of law, the prosecutor saw a breach of the Railway Construction and Operation Code (EBO). In his view, this would be the case even if a track no longer used were entered! So careful if there are two iron bars lying round somewhere – they could be rails!

In explaining their participation in the successful blockade of the nuclear waste train the accused made clear the dangers of atomic energy. They pointed to the constant violation of the constitutional right to life and bodily inviolability by the use of atomic energy. Many people also got seriously ill or died by touching or breathing in radioactive substances in areas where uranium was produced, they said. They recalled the constant danger of massive release of radioactivity by an accident such as the one in Chernobyl in 1986. Nor would there ever be a safe final repository for the dangerous atomic waste. One accused wanted to demonstrate his right to resist and under threat of force was led from the courtroom.
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