Protest against the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm

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From the 6th to 8th June, the representatives of eight of the most powerful states from the global north will be meeting in Heiligendamm, near Rostock, Germany. Without any legitimacy, they will be making decisions concerning global politics and, therefore, maintaining the state of the world, which for the majority of us means hunger, misery, war and exclusion. International protests are being organized for months and are going to increase in the weeks before the summit. This article is an attempt to give an overview of these preparations.

Recent messages: dispatch timeline | websites: Dissent!-Network | AGP | all for all | Interventionist Left | | Gipfelsoli | | Alternative Summit | Camps | Infos in german



From June 2nd until the end of the summit there will be a broad range of protest activities (Overview). In the weeks before the meeting protest is organized in different cities refering to the Europe-Asia-Summit:

Friday 25th: Opening of the Convergence Centers in Berlin, Hamburg, and Rostock; Arrival of bike caravans and Critical Mass in Hamburg

Saturday 26th: Action Day for Education: International demonstration against the G8 education politics in Berlin and Hamburg

Monday 28th: International Demonstration against the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Hamburg.

Tuesday 29th: Arrival of the No Lager Caravan Tour and decentralized activities against Asia-Europe Meeting in Hamburg.

Wednesday 30th: "Beat Capitalism": Move your ass for a swinging protest! Rally with Bands and "Spoken Words" in Hamburg.

Thursday 31st: Activities at the deportation camp Horst.

Friday 1st: Temporary re-settlement of the "Bombodrom"-Area (Call and infos | Dissent!)

Saturday 2nd: International Demonstration in Rostock (Call) :: Stop the nazi demonstration in Schwerin (Infos) :: 6pm: Move Against G8 Concert

Sunday 3rd: Action Day on Agriculture (Dissent!)

Monday 4th: Action Day on Flight & Migration | Decentralized activities in and around Rostock in the morning, 1pm: Demonstration to the center of Rostock, 5pm: Concert at the place of the final gathering of the demonstration, 7.30pm: Panel discussion, In general: Activities at refugee camps, deportation authorities, etc. ( | | No Lager | Dissent!)

Tuesday 5th: Action Day against militarism and war | Blockade of the airport Rostock-Laage (Attention: Most likely this will be changed to June 6th, when the state representatives arrive) (Call | Freie Heide)

From Wednesday 6th on: Mass blockades against the G8 Summit (Call | Block G8)

Thursday 7th: Demonstration from Nienhagen, Kühlungsborn, Bad Doberan, Kröpelin

Get There

There are many buses from several german cities and from Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands going to Rostock. (Overview of ALB) Furthermore Attac has organized three special trains to Rostock. They start in Salzburg (AUT), Basel (CH) and in Bonn (GER).

There are Convergence-Centers in Berlin and Hamburg, where you can try to organize your journey to Rostock, moreover people are planning to make car parades to Rostock, Schwerin or Heiligendamm to be more protected against repression.

The local train operator announced to offer a special Ticket for the time around the summit. It can be used for the public transportation system (2nd to 9th of june, 15 Euros). Tickets can be bought in the ticket selling counters, in regional busses and trains.


The Camp Working Group is trying to organize accommodation for those who come to protest around Heiligendamm. The actual situation is that there will be three camps, one in Rostock, one in Reddelich, and one in Wichmannsdorf. The camp in Rostock is closer to the activities of the first days, the others are closer to the place where the summit takes place.

Map of camps around Heiligendamm (
Map of camps around Heiligendamm (

The camps have serious financial problems! Please support them with donations if you can.

Make Media

In Rostock-Evershagen there will be an Independent Media Centre, where you can find public computers and an internet access. Mediaactivists will also have the facility to edit their audio and video material. A smaller media centre will be found in the CC-Hamburg and in Berlin there will be public computers.

The international Radiogroup will do 4 radioshows in different languages at the same time. The adresses of the streams will be found on Many Indymedia activists from all over the world will be there to report about the summit and the protests. Work is in progress to offer you Infopoints at the camps, in Camp Reddelich will be an radio broadcast van.

Stay informed

Beside the websites mentioned above, there are a few other ways to stay informed. These sites offer an english newsletter: the Interventionist Left, and Dissent!.

On site it will be helpful to carry a small VHF radio receiver with you to catch actual information.

The Convergence-Centers in Berlin, Hamburg and Rostock will be set up as contact points where you can get the latest infos, local maps, legal hints and similar things.

An international Network of Videoactivists is planning to do at least three different 5 minutes lasting videoreports daily in the time from the 31st of May to 10th of June. From 2nd to 8th of June they want to do a daily live broadcast at 9 PM, the video format used will be OggTheora. It will be moderated in english and german and is supposed to be a mixture of a newsshow and a talkshow where videoclips and interviews of activists will be shown.


If you are interested in helping with the coverage of the summit and its protests, feel free to subscribe to the corresponding mailinglist, where the preparations are coordinated (german | english | mediacentre | translations). Just introduce yourself and write what you would like to do.

If you want to work as a radio correspondent please write to jetsam[at]nadir[dot]org or g8[at]freie-radios[dot]de (english/francais/espanol/deutsch). Or at 30th of May at the Evershagener School, where the media centre will be, or you just call (0049 (0)381 490 95 70) or fax (0049 (0)180 502 11 21 32 60).

The protests against the g8-summit really cost a lot of money and all sectors rely on donations. For this purpose are numerous possibilities and can be found on the single sites of the sectors. The Camp and the Independent Media Centre badly need donations.

(This article is being updated frequently.)
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gr8chaoskaravaan timeline 08.05.2007 - 14:40
Taken from, unfortunatly all links are in dutch:

The G8 bike caravan is travelling through the Netherlands and leaves a trail of actions and repression. After having departed from Gent, the caravan arrived in Utrecht last friday. A summary of events:

Saturday, May 5th (liberation day in the Netherlands):
What started as a peaceful critical mass bikeride ended up with over a hundred arrests as riot police violently surrounded the entire demonstration and arrested everyone for breaking traffic laws. All bikes were confiscated. Link:

Sunday, May 6th:
About 60 activists take part in a 'pre-inspection' at Kamp Zeist. The inspectors were not allowed in at the refugee detention center. Two were arrested as they went over the fence. Link:

At the same day, there is a manifestation against the G8 in Nijmegen. Link:

Monday, May 7th:
The first part of the caravan arrives in Nijmegen, where a critical mass bikeride with several small actions is held. Link:

The last anonymous prisoner of the bikeride on saturday is released after a short period in immigration custody. The rest of the caravan is now also on it's way to Nijmegen.

Tuesday, May 7th:
After a similar action at the court building, a paint bomb has also landed on police station Paardenveld last night. Link:
The last prisoner of the bikeride, who was kept in for outstanding fines, has been released this morning.

Blockade Rostock-Laage-Airport now on 6.6.

against war! 21.05.2007 - 13:48
The "actionday Against Militarism, War and Torture - Blockade the G8 - Stop the Wars!" will now take place on two days. On the 5th of june, there will be an antilmilitaristic cruising in the city of Rostock, we will visit places, spaces or offices of e.g. military infrastructure, companies etc. Come along and be creative! Meeting point: 11 h at the Camp in Rostock On the 6th of june, we organize the actionday and blockades at the military airport in Rostock-Laage (near the highway A19 Berlin-Rostock), which is part of the infrastructure of the G8 Summit Conference and the militaristic policies of the G8 governments. There will be meetingpoints, demonstrations and actions during the landing of the chiefs of the G8 and their staff - all of them must be transported to their conference-hotel in Heiligendamm - and they also need the streets straight up to Heiligendamm. But we will be there and show them, what we think of their aggressive war-politics! Meeting-point: 10 h at the villages "Friedrichshof", "Kronskamp", "Striesdorf" and "Weitendorf", which are surrounding the airbase. There will be maps and more infos on the camps and in the infopoints. They can’t land here with their war policies! We will express our opposition to war and to the G8 through many forms of protest and active resistance! See you soon in Rostock-Laage, on wednesday, the 6th of june, when they try to fly in!