resist2exist 21.05.2001 18:14
This summer we will have a festival in
Ungdomshuset (Denmark) with loads of bands,
actions and happenings!
This summer we will have a festival in
Ungdomshuset (Denmark) with loads of bands,
actions and happenings!
We are still on sort of a planning level, but
most of the festival is already ready! So far,the program looks like this:

17:00 - Reclaim The Streets
(demonstration/streetparty) meeting-point:
19:00 - Music starts at Ungdomshuset.
(bands: Intensity, Tourist Trap, Slave, Mihoen!,Insult,Anomi)
+ Outdoor night film-festival!

17:00 - Food Not Bombs at Rådhuspladsen
(free food for the starving :-)
19:00 - Music starts at Ungdomshuset.
(bands: Dead End, Konfrontation, Uro, Amdi
Petersens Armé, Burning Kitchen, Dumbstruck,
+all night DJ's!

18:00 - Vegan barbeque in the beautiful arden
behind Ungdomshuset
19:00 - Music Starts...
(bands: Orchid, Antichrist, Filth Of Mankind,
Asebia, Lack)

All days, there will be various activities with the activists from Göteborg.

One day ticket: 40 DKr. 3-day ticket: 100 DKr
***Any profit that the festival might make -
although unlikely - will be donated to the
Anarchist Black Cross (an organisation providing financial aid to political prisoners - ex. people who will be arrested in Göteborg for protesting against the capitalist system)

We have a few basic rules we would like you to read and keep in mind:
Respect our neighbours. So please don't start
riots right outside our door, don't rob the
nearest bank or burn down McDonalds and run over here. We will not tolerate any racism, sexism or homophobia The same goes for violence and hard drugs.
Don’t steal from the house or the people at the festival. -Go shoplift instead. Unfortunately this opinion is not shared by all, so be careful
when leaving your things.
Keep your animals in check. You might consider, if being in front of a speaker that blows out 110 dB is the right place for your dog to be. Any loose rats will be most likely be killed since we try to keep them out of the house.

The address is: Ungdomshuset, Jagtvej 69, 2200
Kbh.N. From the Central Train station you can go by bus #16 (towards Emdrup torv) and get off at Nørrebro´s Runddel and you will find Ungdomshuset right in front of you. From Nørreport Train station you can go by bus #5, 16, 350s - they all stop at Runddelen. Bus # 18 will take you to Runddelen as well.

There is not unlimited room in Ungdomshuset for people to sleep, but we will of course do our best to provide everyone with a place to sleep -somehow. Just bring your sleeping bag.

During the Saturday there will be a Food Not
Bombs, which means free food, and during the
Sunday there will be a barbecue where you can buy a meal. But apart from that, we will not be able to provide food to anyone except activists and bands. But we will try to make some sandwiches and there are plenty of places in the neighbourhood where you can get cheap food.

If you feel like helping out, have any
questions regarding the festival or want us to send you posters and flyers, feel free to
contact us!
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