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"An ESF in London" PHOTOS REPORTAGE esf2004

forumdelteatro.org 26.10.2004 - 00:35
Bild 320 photos, the days of the ESF, the demonstration against war and the intelligent police of Blair. Things of the other world...

Gorleben nuke waste transport protests banned

Diet Simon 24.10.2004 - 02:25
Deutsche Quelle  http://de.news.yahoo.com/041023/336/49hts.html

Assemblies and demonstrations during the imminent transport of 12 caskets of nuclear waste to Gorleben have been banned, reported the ddp news agency. Two weeks before the transport is expected, the district government (Bezirksregierung) in Lüneburg said it imposed the ban because of expected illegal road and rail blockades and “unpeaceful actions” before and during the transportation.

Russia take over technique exposed in Finnish

Åke Tyvi 23.10.2004 - 00:36
Russia technique has been to kill male persons from foreign families says half nine news in Finland.

Arrests at King's Cross - videostream

Darij Zadnikar 22.10.2004 - 18:11
The statement of slovenian movement Dost je! and video streaming showing arrests at King's Cross at 17th October.


Petition für die Aktivisten in Dublin

International legal support team 21.10.2004 - 18:24
Wir wissen schon dass alles wichtig ist.Wir behaupten nicht dass diese Petition am ersten stelle soll, Was wir moechten, ist das wir versuchen klein Schritte gemeinsam zu machen, was international solidarität betriff
Bitte senden uns die zurück schnell wie möglich der Prozeßtermin ist am 10 November in Dublin
also International legal support team\LARC
62 Fieldsgate Street, London E1 1ES England
danke no nation no border

Anarcho-Nazis at ESF

Joe, Lee, Ashok, Pav 20.10.2004 - 19:45
The storming of the stage of the anti-racist and anti-fascist session on Saturday was carried out by an exclusively white group of anarchists who
had no involvement in the ESF. They entered the building, stormed the platform of black and Jewish speakers, punched the black chair of the session and stole his mobile phone. The next day the same group tried to storm the stage of the demonstration, tearing down the crash barriers and assaulting ESF stewards.

Ahaus and Gorleben nuke transport news

Diet Simon 19.10.2004 - 20:48
Deutsche Quelle  http://de.news.yahoo.com/041019/336/498ad.html

The state government of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW) has again been defeated in its efforts to stop trucking of nuclear waste 650 kilometres across Germany from Rossendorf near Dresden in the east to Ahaus near Münster and the Dutch border in the west.

NATO train blocked in Valencia (Spain)

antibase 19.10.2004 - 01:45
Bild Pacifists stop the train with the equipment of Valencia's NATO headquarters, which was departing to prove its capacity to lead the new NATO Response Force (NFR).

US and Russia: Democracy in Check

Brandon Batzloff 19.10.2004 - 01:07
At the end of September, 115 politicians and foreign policy experts signed a letter that was delivered to the heads of NATO and European Union States. The letter criticized Russian President, Vladimir Putin's
recent moves to end Democratic process in Russia. One of the recipients of the letter was George Bush, jr. As a man who has moved to end Democratic process in his own country, it would have been very hypocritical of Bush to condemn Putin for his actions. Consequently the only rebuke was Bush stating that he hopes Putin does not abandon Democracy upheld by checks and balances within the Russian government (The
First Bush), but even this was ironic.

Crony capitalism pushed to the extreme

Au-Yang Cheong Tak 18.10.2004 - 13:24
My full-time job for the past three years was being an entrepreneur looking for funding of my tech projects. It may seem awkward and irrelevant. But the story is a lot darker, more sophisticated and far-reaching than that. It is my firm belief that I have been targeted and the market is rigged to an impossible extent that plenty of VCs, media and influential businessmen are involved. The conspiracy is to isolate me so that assigned people can profit from those lucrative opportunities. This is one scandal that most if not all media dare not to unearth because of the vested interests. A blatant fraud that is of Enron's scale and potentially send shock waves across Asia and beyond.

hungerstreik im griechenland

grieche 16.10.2004 - 21:15
hungerstreik vom gefangene den 17N im griechenland

Ahaus and Gorleben nuclear transport news

Diet Simon 15.10.2004 - 18:41
Deutsche Quelle bei  http://www.ahaus-online.de/index_ie.asp?page=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eahaus%2Donline%2Ede%2Fsites%2Fnews%2Fnews%2Ddetail%2Easp%3Fid%3D23929774

There’s more news about nuclear waste transportation in Germany and France. Protests are called for Sunday at Ahaus and Rossendorf over the planned trucking of waste 650 km to Ahaus. And sources in France have revealed a time table for the next trainload of processed German nuclear waste for Gorleben.


Nadine&Pavel 15.10.2004 - 11:46
Dear Readers,
We are delighted to announce the publication of the new International Journal of INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY. Which is published electronically four times a year and it is availiable for free from the following website:
See the content of the first issue october 2004: - The Inclusive Democracy Dossier -.

Dresden-Ahaus nuclear trucking approved

Diet Simon 14.10.2004 - 16:02
Bild Deutsche Quellen  http://news.google.com/news?ie=utf8&oe=utf8&persist=1&num=30&hl=de&client=google&ncl=http://www.nd-online.de/artikel.asp%3FAID%3D61212%26IDC%3D2

A court in Lüneburg has allowed transportation of nuclear waste more than 650 kilometres across Germany from Dresden to Ahaus near Holland. The Upper Administrative Court of Lower Saxony turned down a request from the government of North-Rhine Westphalia to revoke the licence given by the federal radiation safety agency.

Joint US/Israel Attack on Iran Planned

Pentagon Source 12.10.2004 - 09:33
U.S. will launch a surprise attack against with Israeli assistance, on Iranian missile sites, Iranian nuclear facilities and the leadership of Iran located in and around Tehran.

S. KOREA. New Struggle Report...

KCTU/ETU-MB 12.10.2004 - 08:15
...by striking migrant workers, now since 332 days occupying Myeong-dong Cathedrals compound, downtown Seoul. We demand legalization, work visa, the right to choose our work places and full labor rights.

Nuclear France: trip to the end of democracy

chiche! – translation Diet Simon 11.10.2004 - 00:49
Deutsche Quelle  http://de.indymedia.org/2004/10/96125.shtml

The French nuclear corporation Areva is doing business with the American army. 140 kilogrammes of military plutonium from the USA arrived Thursday night in Cadarache (south France).

12 arrested, criminalised in Gronau protest

Diet Simon 10.10.2004 - 23:32
German source at  http://de.news.yahoo.com/041010/336/48p6g.html

Organisers say 300 people demonstrated against expansion of the Gronau uranium enrichment plant on Saturday. The ddp news agency put the number at 130. Twelve people were arrested after they cut through a fence and trespassed the plant grounds, police said on Sunday. Criminal proceedings have been started against them, the police said.


Dr. Borek 10.10.2004 - 23:18
What about the God damned Bullshit with Wind Turbine Hystery in Germany ?

Australians strengthen liar Howard

http://sydney.indymedia.org/ 10.10.2004 - 16:02
Australian voters have chosen John Howard's deceptively named "Liberal" party to rule the nation for another 3 years. This comes despite the fact that his lies are well documented, he has followed semi-literate George W. Bush and Tony BLiar into an illegal and immoral war and his party's policy is to detain indefinitely foreign children who travel without the necessary paperwork.
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