[Liberec] Erinnerung an Jan Kucera

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[Liberec]Erinnerung an Jan Kucera
Am 18. Januar fand in Liberec (Tschechien) ein Aktionstag in Gedenken an Jan Kucera statt. Jan wurde am 18. Januar 2008 von einem 20 jährigen Neonazi in der tschechischen Kleinstadt Pribram mit 2 Messerstichen getötet. Er wurde 18 jahre alt.
Um an ihn zu erinnern und um ein deutliches antifaschistisches Zeichen zu setzten, organisierten tschechische Antifaschist_innen ein Konzert in Liberec.
Ca 200 Menschen besuchten an diesem Abend das Konzert, bei dem es neben den Bands noch einen Infostand sowie eine mehrsprachige Ausstellung zu Neonazismus und Rassismus in der Tschechischen Republik zu sehen gab. Zwischen den Bands wurde zu antifaschistischen Aktionen am 13.2 in Dresden sowie 2 Tage später am 15.2 in Cottbus aufgerufen. Um ca 1 Uhr Nachts versuchte eine Gruppe von 15 lokalen Neonazis die Bar, in der das Konzert stattfand, mit Flaschen anzugreifen. Durch entschlossenes Vorgehen konnte der Angriff jedoch ohne Schäden abgewehrt werden und der Abend konnte entspannt beendet werden.
Bereits gegen 18.00 Uhr trafen sich in der Innenstadt von Liberec ca. 100 Antifaschist_innen aus der Tschechischen Republik und Deutschland um unangemeldet und lautstark an alle Opfer faschistischer und rassistischer Gewalt zu erinnern. In Redebeiträgen und Parolen wurde auch immer wieder der zunehmende Antiziganismus thematisiert.

Text der Antifa – Liberec:

Six years ago, Jan Kučera, an 18 years old antifascist skinhead was killed by a neo-nazi from Příbram. This is time when we remind ourselves again of
this sad anniversary. Friday the 18th January 2008, about an hour before midnight, Jan Kučera was stabbed in the back and the area of groin by a 20
years old neo-nazi Jiří Fous. The attack was preceded by provocations and nazi salutes from a group of local young neo-nazis which Jiří Fous was a
member of. Honza's friends tried to stop the bleeding from his femoral artery and waited for the arrival of an ambulance. However, on Sunday
morning, Honza succumbed to the fatal injuries in Příbram hospital.
This anniversary reminds us of all victims of fascism and antifascist heroes of all countries, past and present. We remember:
• pre-war antifascists fighting Hitler's gangs in the streets
• arrested, suffering in gestapo's torture chambers
• millions of victims of industrial killing in the nazi concentration camps
• languishing inhabitants of countries thrown under the fascist lieutenancy
• antifascist partisans enduring horrible clashes with nazi units
• interbrigadists, antifascist volunteers of the international sections
• millions of soldiers fallen in cruel lines of the second world war fighting the nazi war machinery
• present victims of neo-nazis such as antifascist hip-hopper Pavlos Fyssas, young french radical left activist Clément Méric, russian
antifascist Ivan Khutorskoy, young spanish antifascist Carlos Javier Palomino or the czech antifascist skinhead Honza Kučera
• dozens of nameless immigrants beaten to death by russian nazis and greek neo-nazis from the Golden Dawn
• but not only them - all the modern day victims of Hitler's posthumous children
• and finally, everyone who stands up to fascists, either in public demonstrations, blocking fascist rallies, uncover the structure of their organizations, protect socially excluded localities from pogroms, inform about neo-nazis' hateful activities, or confront them in the streets.
Fascism is not something completely remote in our region either. It's not that long since neo-nazis in Liberec attacked people on the streets and provoked conflicts with alternative-minded youth. The heightened atmopshere at that time resulted into a neo-nazi attack on the restaurant Černý Kůň ("The Black Horse"). This assault caused injuries and stabbing of several of us. At present time, the Liberec neo-nazis withdrew to non-stop bars and the football stadium. This however doesn't mean that they would stop existing. Time to time they resort to a violent drunk episode. Some are participating in nationwide racist rallies or in actions abroad, such as the neo-nazi "Mourning March" in Dresden. The threat of fascism must be considered still alive in the Liberec region as well.
We find ourselves in a situation marked by an ongoing crisis of capitalism, strengthened by antisocial measures of the Kalousek-Nečas government that are still in effect. The government was destroyed by corruption and clientelism scandals, but it managed to enforce a complex of neoliberal reforms attacking the remnants of the welfare system and public services. Negative consequences of these reforms are felt by a vast majority of the Czech population today.
Wages and salaries haven't effectively grown for several years, the purchasing power of households has been going down since 2011. Almost 80% of households report problems to get by with their income. High levels of unemployment affect many of them. Over half a million of people have no job according to the official statistics, and there is a fatal lack of free jobs. Furthermore, many of those who work are slaving in an insecure and poorly paid, so-called precarized job. Sociologist Jan Keller calls this phenomenon a "working poverty". Poverty is in fact something that has become a general part of life of many of us. Level of income and living standard discredits one in the eyes of other. The deregulation of rent had also an impact on this, the living expenses are disproportional. Many people are left with no option but to borrow from usurers and risk ending up stuck in a spiral of executions, problems in housing and social exclusion. On top of all that, the Czech National Bank is performing interventions that will impact people with low and middle incomes by incresing prices of basic items.
Many fall into frtustration in this bleak state of things. This is the moment when fascists come to the scene with their unhuman recipes to solve
social problems. Problems which the Left or the Roma can always be blamed of. The construct of a scapegoat targets specifically the frustrated
people who are getting poorer and poorer and losing their social rights. This is why we are witnesses of disgusting and often quite stupid racist hoaxes or anti-Roma rallies participated in by "decent citizens" together with genuine neo-nazis.
We are not willing to join these trends. We refuse to pull the blame for systemic errors of capitalism and anti-social neoliberal governments on the
"unadaptable", regardless whether the fascist and conservative ideologists attribute this label to the Roma, the immigrants, anticapitalists or senior
citizens. We refuse the racist stereotypes in the media just as the attempts of neo-nazis to raise their agenda on the wave of frustrated anti-Roma and general fascist tendencies.
Despite a few common demonstrations with normal people from majority in socially excluded areas, the nazis are still locked in their hateful martyr
subculture. The worsening social conditions are opening more and more doors for them, however. Let us not let the horrors of the holocaust and the
slaughter of the second world war repeat. Let's not tolerate signs of fascism anywhere, anytime. Let's protest against their meetings, demonstrate
against fascist rallies, block their marches, refuse to acknowledge their "right" to chase false enemies. If we are united in our progress against
fascists, we will succeed.
Let the millions of victims of fascism remind us forever that fascism is not an opinion, it is a crime.
We won't forget! We won't forgive!
Honor the memory of all antifascists!
Prepared by antifascists of Liberec, 18 January 2014

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antifascista des nordens 26.01.2014 - 23:14
Danke für den Artikel. Schön zu sehen, dass es auch in antifaschistischen Belangen grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit gibt. Go for it!