Eviction of Es.Col.A: Appeal against court

Es.Col.A. 07.06.2012 12:38 Themen: Freiräume Weltweit
During the eviction of the self-managed collective space (Es. Col. A) of Alto da Fontinha, in Oporto, last 19th of April, two of the detainees, António Pedro Sousa and Ricardo Ribeiro, were accused of crime of insult and crime of resistance and coercion on official. In summary judgement, on the 2nd of May, they were both condemned to three months in prison, substituted by the payment of the tax of justice added by a fine for a total of 954 € each, according to the sentence read on the 10th of May.
We are sharing the copy of the appeal [Portuguese original] submitted to the local Court of justice of Oporto, 3rd Section, last 1st of June – in order to be spread and to expose the farce of this clearly political judgement.

We denounce the violation of a fair trial, the violation of the principle of law, the absence of the respect due to legal institutions, and plausibility the absence of effective defence, taking into account:
The fact of the Prosecutor [*], that represents the inspection of the Law, have in her final allegations presented a discourse in the first person of the singular on the political convictions of the detainees, accusing them of "proselytism on the educational field" and of an alarming internationalism. Reaching the point of having said that "if we do not want to support situations that do not please us, we live isolated in the mountain range of the Lousã". And the fact that the General Attorney and the Judge of the Court of Oporto have, with whole evidence and to their will, conducted the evidences of accusation and ignored those of the defence.

In conclusion doubt remains, since nothing was proved and we wonder what are the grounds of the accusation?

[*] In Portugal, the function of Prosecutor is assigned to an independent judicature, that must ensure the legality of all proceedings, as well as charge, but if it makes a mistake, it has to react, even if it is counterproductive to the charge.

The Appeal:  http://pt.scribd.com/doc/95848815/Recurso-Processo-Despejo-Fontinha
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